… it’s the “kill your gay uncle/son/brother” time of year …

I meant to blog every day, really I did, but I have been REALLY busy running people here and there and making endless Christmas cookies – and I’m not done yet – I just ran out of vanilla and sent someone ELSE out on an emergency grocery trip. Earlier today she had to run out to buy me a rolling pin because there was not one in this house! WHAT? Who doesn’t have a rolling pin? I’ll tell you who DOES – now – besides the ones in storage (where we have at least two) I now have a shiny, new really REALLY nice KitchenAid rolling pin. I had to use it to make these stinking cookies:



These cookies took a REALLY long time and required zesting a lemon and rolling out the dough and cutting shapes and then cutting a hole in half the shapes and tempering the jams and – I HATE ROLLING THINGS OUT – which I’d forgotten until I started these. And all that work ends up only making two dozen cookies. As I said on Twitter earlier today:

  • My success ratio w/rolled cookies is approximately that of my success in romantic relationships w/men. Stop ALL attempts to Roll

Words to live by. Although, they did turn out pretty nicely and since that rolling went so well, is it too much to ask that I next have success with someone like the chap in the following gratuitous skin of the day shot? I mean, he just turned 50 so that makes him age appropriate, right?

pitt brad 9 pitt brad exercise pitt brad interview pitt brad8

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