… you’re the top … no, REALLY …

I have had a beautiful Sissie day, I must say.Unlike every other year since her death, today I did NOT go to visit her gravestone. She’s not there. I have learned a lot recently about the damage living in a death-cult and fetishizing the departed can do,and discovered just how dysfunctional and disastrous the ways in which I learned to do that very thing with my own father’s death – even though I was seventeen months old when he died. We built a cult around the empty space he left, and made up not very healthy stories about it and – in the process – learned to lie about ourselves and avoid our own truths.

No more. Sissie isn’t at her tombstone. She’s in my life. I am Sissie. Every time I sing a song or quote Dorothy Parker or bake a cookie or love New York or … well, you get it. So, today I spent the day with my lovely sister, Debbie, and my wonderful Momma, and then I came home and danced around with Amy and Kieran and Connor and baked four dozen Snickerdoodles and sang songs and watched bad TV and Tweeted and texted friends and although it is now technically the 18th, I am up late still flying with the joy of having – ten years later – finally realized how to recover from some devastating deaths – and having come this far, I don’t want to sleep – because I am obsessively watching brilliant “remind me of Sissie” YouTubes and having a blast. Here you go.

And my friends, you are the top(s) – really – and I am not even going to the gay joke place in this one! (Mostly because I really don’t like categorizing and too – I don’t really know any Tops, LOL.)

Patti LuPone and Howard McGillin in “Anything Goes” – oh my goodness I wish I had seen this!

And then – MERMAN! The original Reno from a 1936 version of the show I didn’t know existed until tonight! Now, honestly, Sissie was NOT a huge Merman fan. It was Mary Martin she loved. Still … listen.

I actually owe my YouTubing to Julia Murney who linked this on her Twitter. It is too easy to forget what an amazing transcendent talent was Whitney Houston … just … WOW.

And speaking of Julia Murney … I cannot get enough of this …

Should have been a “Funny Girl” revival with Miss Murney. She is such a genius.

And, since it’s Sissie day – well, for her, for me, HERE I AM … LOL. My final performance … accompanied by the best accompanist in the entire world and one of my very dearest, longest, most faithful friends, Miss Alison Shafer. And, as I said earlier today on Twitter; Honor the people who carried you when you couldn’t walk & believed in you when you had no faith. That’s my Al.

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