Nothing but NET (basketball, neutrality, and nutcases)

NET THING ONE: That gay basketball stuff

Yes, Jason Collins was signed by and played for the Brooklyn Nets making him the first active, openly gay player in pro sports. Woo-hoos in order indeed.

Still, not to be paranoid, but I’ve been around long enough to know how these sorts of things go and I worry that if openly gay men start getting signed by pro athletic teams, we’ll be forced to start allowing openly straight men in musical theatre.

And, frankly, I don’t want gay men to start influencing sports too much, because, you know, we’ll make it all interesting and exciting and next thing you know:

basketball naked 2 Basketball naked Blurred

– I’ll be forced to watch.

NET THING 2: That neutrality/Comcast and Verizon are about to ruin our lives some more thing

Once upon a time … not that long ago, a person couldn’t access endless, uninterrupted hours of bootleg television, movies, theatre, and most-important, blowjobs and bukkake on one’s laptop and cellphone. The on-line experience was about waiting (and waiting and waiting and…) for sites and images to load. And videos? Forget it. A person had to have a “convenient-to-you-but-unlikely-to-be-accessed-by-others” spot in which to store the porn to which one turned for companionship and fun.

Then dial-up died and we said good-bye to that ubiquitous sound of AOL connecting (well, and AOL, mostly, although I am still Luddite enough to have kept that email address) and we went to broadband heaven. It was never going to last.

Welcome to hell.

It was January when a federal court struck down net neutrality, which, long/short, means that companies willing (and able) to pay broadband providers blackmail ransom fees to receive preferential treatment will see their content being streamed quickly and instantly, while those unwilling (or unable) to do so – you know, little bloggers using free sites – like me – and random porn-channelers – will find their content not loading, or, loading at such an antiquated, dial-up like pace as to lose every click and view it might get because no-one used to insta-loads (ha-ha-ha, I said “loads” in a porn story) will be willing to wait for content.

Like I said, hell. And don’t you know, I got rid of all my hard(so to speak)copy porn.

And speaking of broadband and net-neutrality hell issues; I have become crazy-man (shut up) about pop-up ads and force-you-to watch 15 to 30 second vids before being taken to the content you want. I have stopped visiting Salon at all because of this. I have backed off YouTube because of it. And this morning, reading about NetFlix agreeing to pay Comcast (the devils taking us back to hell – along with Verizon, mark my words) to give them preferential streaming – I was assaulted on Gawker/Gizmodo by an ad.

Calling Dante.

I mean, I knew it was too good to be true, but, really? With the amount of money we are monthly paying to access content – as in our phone and wi-fi and cable providers (oh wait, would that be Comcast and Verizon again?) raising rates at levels outpacing healthcare costs, how is it that the service is continuing to become less and less consumer friendly? Oh, right, CAPITALISM.

Like any drug, at first they make it cheap and easy to get and use, then, once you are hooked, they screw the shit out of you.

NET THING 3: I may be a little bit crazy but . . .

… I got nothing on Alec Baldwin. And his screedy-ranting in New York Magazine is just exactly the sort of proof of internalized, acculturate homophobia I have been talking about in this blog SINCE I STARTED WRITING. Alec, trying to prove he’s not homophobic, lashes out and attacks the homos with all sorts of coded talk about mafia and cabals and implications of hidden agendas. You see? He pretended – claimed – convinced himself how NOT-homophobic he was FOR AGES, the whole, “I have gay friends” etc thing, but when life’s going got tough for him and he needed to step up and own those friendships and examine his own behavior and make hard choices – BAM – throw the fags and dykes under the bus.

LISTEN – I have had this VERY EXPERIENCE in my own life with people Baldwin-esque, who claimed to love me, claimed to adore me, claimed to be friend, claimed to be open-minded and horrified by homophobia, who, all along, thought their so-called homo-positivity was  a badge they’d won, something for which they deserved a prize and praise – BUT WHEN THE GOING GOT TOUGH, and they needed to examine their behavior and make some inconvenient choices in support of me – under the bus went this fag, code talk, “oh he’s crazy” etc innuendo, on and on.

If your pet homos are that disposable to you (including the ones in your family) then – guess what – you’re NOT so homo-positive.

Yeah. Well, maybe – like I said – I am a little crazy – but if anyone needs to be caught in a net, it’s the hypocrites and haters who pose as human-positive and then revert to the easy patois of hate and cliché when it’s convenient for them; let’s gather THEM up (and they know who they are – and when they read or hear stuff like this they get all – you know – accusatory and pissed off and say “He’s crazy” or “He’s impossible” or start with the stories about – you know – pick a coded innuendo, any coded innuendo -) and send them to HELL – as in – that circle create by Comcast and Verizon where their music videos, television shows, bootleg movies, music videos, and porn NEVER EVER LOAD.

Bwah-ha-ha! I’ll contact Elton John, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen Degeneres, and the other members of the HomoMafia Board of Directors to get this taken care of.

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