see I’m smiling and it’s been all about men in uniform and 25 dozen cookies and 3 days w/out the gym later …

If you’re happy and you know it … date a marine? Long story, but not the point . . . the point is . . . SMILE! I was considering sending out holiday cards but . . . well, it’s just not my thing . . . I did get one though, and here it is. I really think he should have worn a Santa Cap, don’t you?

A friend of mine making merry . . .

A friend of mine making merry . . .

I am REALLY making the effort to be someone who smiles. You see, one of the trainers at the gym was talking to me last week and he remarked on how I seemed always to be trying to appear aloof and uncommunicative but he could see that there was always a smile and conversation trying to get out. Which made me laugh. Which made him say, “See?”

I thought about this and realized  he was right. And, too, realized it had been a slow, steady march to this place where I am loath to trust anyone, fearing the end from the very beginning. On further contemplation, I recognized this as part of the emotional patterns and behaviors of the cult of death in which my family has lived ever since my father died when I was a young child. I further realized how I had expanded that cult’s ceremonies and practices myself, elevated it into a religion of sorrow and mourning.

Funnily, while this trainer was telling me about myself, challenging me to shape up emotionally and spiritually, I was standing next to a dear best friend who had said to me before when I asked her what to do; “You just won’t let yourself be happy, I don’t know what else to say to you.”

So, something in me was liberated that day and I have been running around singing and dancing (with myself) and baking cookies and collecting ingredients for various dinners and parties and saying “YES” to invitations and trying to ring those bells. Laugh with me? Or, here you go, you laugh. I have been baking cookies endlessly for the past – seems like five years LOL – and I NEED to get to the gym today.

I have recently become a big fan of certain military members; thank you for your service.

And, while not a huge fan of MOST holiday music or videos, this Broadway-ish one does amuse.

And about saying yes . . .  and ringing those bells . . .

And if military members and deep-throating and half-naked Broadway musical stars and LIZA FREAKING MINNELLI are not QUITE gay enough for you – how about this?

It was on “Meet Me In St. Louis” that Judy fell for Vincent Minnelli, one of her gay husbands, and the two of them produced the only second-generation Gaycon in history, Liza Minnelli. And this . . .  the best of all holiday songs ever sung by the best of all Gaycons ever . . .

And if THAT isn’t happy and holiday and gay enough for you . . . maybe you’re a straight guy? DaveyWavey (you should subscribe to his WickedlyKewl channel here – or at least look at it) to the rescue . . .

And the “flip” side – so to speak – from Chris Thompson. (Subscribe to him too. I’m an equal opportunity kind of guy. I love straight men too.)

Happy. See, I’m smiling . . . (and if you get that THAT was a Jason Robert Brown reference, well then . . . call me? After you watch it below.)

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