SONG OF THE DAY: “Someone Told Me” by Jake Bugg

I have never thought chronological age mattered much. There is a hierarchy of souls, some are very, very ancient, inexplicably evolved and knowing from the moment they land on this planet. You can see it in their eyes. Somehow, they must struggle through their early years, those years when the weight of their wisdom and depth of feeling are out of balance with practical life experience, until they eventually find a place, a voice, and recognition – by individuals or the world. Jake Bugg, who I just discovered (and once again, I suppose I am behind) must be a very old soul indeed. His voice is rich with experience and emotion.


I have been listening to him on Youtube and chosen this video of his song, “Someone Told Me” as today’s song of the day. He’s 19. Amazing.


Thanks to the fact that I stalk authors on Facebook who I think are geniuses, I saw a link today on Armistead Maupin‘s page (YES – that Armistead Maupin, writer of “Tales of the City” and “The Night Listener” – go ahead, be jealous) to this Vimeo Webseries called “IT COULD BE WORSE” starring Wesley Taylor, who plays (or, I fear, played, past tense) Bobby on “SMASH.” He has become my new obsession.

The Skivvies, Wes Taylor© Monica Simoes Wesley Taylor© Monica Simoestaylor, wesley headshot

It is completely riveting – especially if you have ever been anywhere near theatre. WATCH IT! My new obsession (along with genius authors.)

THE GREAT GATSBY as imagined by Baz Luhrman

I love F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s nearly perfect novel, “The Great Gatsby” and the way it captures the dichotomy between the American dream and the American delusion. I hope that the visually brilliant Mr. Luhrman does honor to the novel with this adaptation. I am looking forward to it.