Reading: So many holds, so little time

I’ve read eight books since last I book-blogged and I am close to catching up with my hold list from the library. Which I have STOPPED adding to so that I might get to a stack of books I own which have been patiently awaiting my attention. I’ll try to keep this short. Here goes.

The Moviegoer, Walker Percy, paperback, 242pp, originally published 1961

This won the 1962 National Book Award for reasons that escape me. I found the title character, Binx Bolling, to be unbearably idiotic and misogynist. I thought the writing was dull and clunky, the symbolism heavy-handed. Not for me.

A Most Novel Revenge (Amory Ames #3), Ashley Weaver, Hardcover, 320pp, October 2016, Minotaur Books

I read the first Amory Ames mystery in March of last year, somehow missed the second, and picked up this, the third, on a whim from the library when I was there to get some holds. WHY DID I PICK UP ANOTHER BOOK WHEN I HAVE SO MANY HOLDS? Well, I love cozy 1930’s English mysteries about wealthy folk and add to that milieu a novelist and libertines, compare the sleuthing main character, Amory, and her husband to Nora and Nick Charles, and, well, I’m hooked. I confess, however, that when I picked this up I had no idea I’d read the first in the series, and, even as I read, I did not recall the first. It was only when adding it to my Goodreads list I realized I’d read the beginning of the series, and even Continue reading

. . . zeit-bite sized crackpot pop culture theory . . . the world is full of fucked-up, delusional whack-job jackholes . . . and yes, I do mean YOU!

(Today’s post in which I rant and zeit-rave about why it’s idiotic that as a culture we keep doing the same show and singing the same song over and over without asking why; and why the drones serving the queen are crazier than the ones who ask “WHY?”, and for god’s sake QUIT CLEANING UP YOUR MASTURBA-JIZZ WITH THE GOOD TOWELS!)

In the 1953 film, “The Wild Ones”, Marlon Brando‘s motorcycle riding thug, Johnny,  replied to the question, “What are you rebelling against” with the now classic, “Whadda you got?”

Marlon Brando as Johnny in 1953 film "The Wild Ones"

Marlon Brando as Johnny in 1953 film “The Wild Ones”

Sometimes I feel as if that has been my mantra. Granted, my rebelling has not been all that successful, nor has it been the sort of flag waving, trail-blazing sort of life’s work that has put me in danger of being jailed, nor have I been effective enough to be targeted by the powers-that-be as enemy of the state.

But, it has cost me. And continues to cost me.

I think about this today because there was an interesting article published in Salon called “Living In America Will Drive You Insane” which cites an article from the 2011 New York Review of Books by Marcia Angell about the epidemic of mental illness in this country. Both articles (and the links within) are bursting with rivetingly quotable factoids that conveniently support my zeit-bites sized crack-pot pop-culture theory that the world and most of the people in it are one huge fucked up, delusional population of whack-job jackholes. And more important, that the unrealistic expectations and definitions of success (the un-achievable status quo, the fantastically idiotic American dream) of a consumerist, elitist, classist society gone mad has become so oppressive as to cause stress levels and fears of failure so constant and yet so DENIED – by those brainwashed into thinking that to question them is to somehow indicate they are Continue reading