… bang bang …

My newest Twitter hashtag: #MyBrainIsLonely

I want to live in a world in which one’s IQ and literary preferences are listed on intellectual hook-up sites rather than one’s genital size and preferred sex acts. Is that too much to ask? Well, yes, yes it is. And I don’t understand why people shorthand “Fuck You” as “Eff U” rather than “F You” or “FU” – it doesn’t make sense to me. And as I troll the sites and see things like “U have the intelect of a nat. I have good education so eff u.” I cannot help but weep. And too, why is it that I have never seduced anyone with the fact that I have read all of Jane and Paul Bowles. In fact, I have yet to even spend time with someone who knows who Jane and Paul Bowles are. Which is why – today – I need Waugh’s “BRIDESHEAD” and I CANNNNNNNOT FIND IT!

See, the thing is, I own at least – AT LEAST – seven copies of Evelyn Waugh’s “BRIDESHEAD REVISITED” and I cannot find ANY OF THEM in this house where I am now living. It defies imagination and logic that I would have put ALL of them in storage. DAMMIT.

bridesheadwaugh bridesheadrevisited

How could I be so stupid? I must be punished.

bang bang

Tied to a stake and shot through the head sort of thing …

Or maybe I should read the Bowles again – some of those books ARE here, unpacked. Will I ever actually have a space in which I can unpack ALL my books and my French two-thousand pound cookware again?

bowles jane and paul

Who am I fooling? No one is ever going to care I love the Bowles . . .  and – too – want to marry me – nor will I find anyone I want to marry who has read the Bowles – I mean – the man I currently want to marry literally almost cannot read – which is – I suppose – the logical and predictable apotheosis of my loving trajectory – what an asshole. SHOOT ME.

shot to the headGIF SHOOT

Or … something with a chainsaw?

bale chainsaw

Whatever. But something fast . . . rather than the drip drip dripping of a slow despairing death by attrition . . . one empathy cell at a time . . . stripped away by yet another disappointment . . .  NO. CHER – TAKE ME AWAY –

… let the music tell the story …

It’s another one of those posts where the songs speak what I can’t … shouldn’t …

I am so … so …


… american psycho … the musical … starring doctor who …


I have been waiting for this for such a long time, I cannot tell you, nor can I limn all the resonances, echoes and connections the story has had for me from novel to film to life-touchstone to, well, now, musical. Today it was announced that Matt Smith would be playing Patrick Bateman in the London production beginning in December.


Read about it HERE or HERE.

Anybody want to take me to London?