“I’m Still Here” as sung by Tracie Bennett as Carlotta Campion In Stephen Sondheim’s brilliant musical, FOLLIES

Twenty-one days since I deactivated Twitter. Two weeks and a flight home from Florida since last I blog-posted. Eleven books read since last I shared my book-thoughts here (although I have memo-length written thoughts on my Goodreads account – I’m listed as Charlie Smith, surprise, right?). And the march, ever onward, has continued into another September, my least favorite month of the year, yet it marks the approach to my most favorite season of the year.

But, despite my blog and Twitter absence, I’m here. Perhaps more here than I have been for a very long time. And, irony this, less seen and heard and by fewer people than I have been for a very long time.

And I have been intrigued and enchanted and improved and enlightened by this. Still, I am made of stuff that longs to reach out, and, with that, I promise a book-blog either later today or early tomorrow, after which I really mean to do more frequent short entries, combining the brevity of Twitter with the sort-of-depth possible here.

Finding balance. And so this, less than 200 words. And a song. Sondheim, of course. And my favorite version of this number ever. EVER.