This Week in Charlie-land Feb 26-Mar 4


My chicken dish, salad, and a glass of cabernet from the Sue and Cody dinner I made Saturday night, March 4, the end of an interesting and busy week.

Follows a roundup of this week’s posts and links to each.

It’s been a wonderfully busy last seven days, capped off last night by dinner with two of my dearests — Sue and Cody — for whom I made a main course, salad, and dessert, all recipes of my own creation, all of which were delicious. I’ll likely blog about them soon-ish.

In the past seven days I worked on shaping short stories, personal relationships, my own emotional and spiritual health, and, too, made many dinners for many loved ones, drove here and there and everywhere I was needed or where others needed to be, gymmed, continued healthy eating, and with all of that, booked another house/pet sitting gig with a new family, and managed to fit in writing three blog posts.

Here, from February 28th, is Silence Is… [click here] , which was the post I wrote after deciding I needed to stay away from Twitter for a while. I haven’t signed on since last Sunday. I took it off my phone and haven’t so much as glimpsed at what is going on there. I’m not sure when I’ll go back. A few years ago, when I decided I needed a break from Facebook, the break turned into never returning. I’m almost certain I’ll go back to Twitter, but not yet.

And, from March 2nd, Reading: February Final Reads/Roundup [click here] about just what it says: the 12 books I read in February. It also includes a brief personal paragraph about isolating myself and working on the concept and practice of confession without penance.

march-3-face-lavender-glassesFinally, in this week of much activity — three blog posts! two short stories in serious process! so much family! so much coooking! — from March 3rd, Living Through Lavender Lenses [click here] in which I talk about the letter I got this week from the State of Maryland threatening me with suspension of my vehicle registration and license to drive, and, the real point, how well I took it.

I am wishing you much Love and Light, and I hope your week was as productive and affirming and enlightening as mine — minus the threatening letter from the state informing of huge indebtedness and accompanying punishments. And so, charming readers and those of you have inadvertently landed here searching for naked shots of Dylan O’Brien, there it is (or was) and here I am, going.



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