Justifying Hate vs Just Defying Hate

one-world-2I’m not sure who I find more frightening; the proudly, openly bigoted Tr*mp voters who proclaim their misogyny, xenophobia, racism, homophobia, and hatred, or, the explainers and excusers who want to say their vote for Tr*mp does not make them misogynist, xenophobic, racist, homophobic, hate validaters.

That latter group not only denies they’re in any way bigots, but also claim that your calling them out about their corroboration with the forces of evil makes YOU the intolerant one.

Sorry, not the case.

The GOP’s long practiced propaganda technique of denying its own move to further privilege the elite few and wealthy white folk by legislating inequality and while doing so, gaslighting its opponents by accusing them of the very crimes of intolerance of which it is guilty has found its deification in the seriously unbalanced autocratic egomaniac they anointed as their standard-bearer.

And those standards being borne  — as spoken (or Tweeted) from his very lips (or tiny little fingers) — and called “great” and “bigly amazing” are ones that are clearly misogynist, xenophobic, racist, homophobic, and founded on intolerant hatred.

If you voted for Tr*mp, you are culpable. It is no different than giving the keys of your vehicle to someone who is obviously drunk and sending him out into traffic, only, in this case, you’ve given a fleet of vehicles to a gaggle of intoxicated zealots determined to run over everyone not like them because we don’t really belong on their roads.

Congratulations on your feat. These fanatics now control the White House, congress, and — have mercy on us all — the Supreme Court.

And while you are busy searching for ways to make everyone else responsible for your own bigotry and hate and the damage legislation based on it will do — because make no mistake, after what Tr*mp (and his cohorts, spokespeople, supporters) said throughout the campaign, if you voted for him — you voted for them and those words; you cannot excuse it or justify it.

And while I’d like for you to understand the damage you’ve done, well, those of us who did not succumb to such ignorance as path to improving reality will not have time to argue with your silly, schoolyard defense of retorting “I know you are but what am I” because while you mumble, stumble, rant, and rationalize in an effort at justifying your hate, we are going to work in love and light and inclusion to just defy your hate.

They may sound alike: Justify vs Just Defy, but make no mistake, dear haters, there is a world of difference between them and it is that world we mean to save from your sorrowful, empty souls and hearts.

Who do I find more frightening? Not the blatant haters in jackboots and hoods who promise out loud to send me back or beat the crap out of me. Nope. It’s the quiet ones who insist while rights are abrogated and others put in camps and gassed that the perpetrators of those crimes against humanity who they put in office don’t really mean what they’re doing.

They mean it. Tr*mp means it. And if you voted for him, you’re already guilty of the increase in hate crimes that have happened just since he was elected.

Now, you choose: Justify hate or Just Defy Hate?




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