I am terrified.

tr-mpWhat frightens me MOST is not the likelihood that the election was stolen and the terrors T is proposing to do with the demolition of health care, LGBTQ, minority, and reproductive rights, his insane proposals for further cutting of taxes on the wealthy, deregulation of globally and scientifically acknowledged necessary for survival environmental safeguards, the permissions he wishes to grant corporate and banking behemoths to pillage consumers, SCOTUS choices which would bolster his neo-nazi beliefs, his appointment of white-supremacist cabinet members whose proven on-the-record, discriminatory anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ, racist, anti-Semitic stands should disqualify them for inclusion in the human race let alone service in government — NO, it is not JUST that which terrifies me —

— it is that ALL OF YOU are not also terrified. You cannot for one minute believe this is in any way ok. You cannot for one minute allow any of this horrifying tsunami of hate to become normalized.

Please, look at these links:



It is NOT ok. It is not going to be ok. And as stressful as it is to feel this daily panic, you must live in it and allow it to spur you to daily action. You must, because this is not the world we can allow to happen. This is not what we can leave for the coming generations. This is not the world in which we aging folk can spend out final years.

We did NOT make the world we made and fight the fights we fought for equality to allow this to happen.

TODAY — at least do this — I’ve done it three times so far.


penceNo, this is NOT in any way ok. No, this is NOT going to be ok. No, we cannot give it a chance or think it is going to turn out to be ok. Yes, this is EXACTLY how Hitler and the nazis started. Little be little, the erosion of rights and equality. The voter suppression that occurred during this election. The fear mongering. The election of a man with no practical experience and a life marked with abuse of people with less power — from his sexually predatory behavior and attitude toward women to his thievery through Trump University and endless bankruptcies and refusal to pay his debts to those unable to fight him to his choice of a vice-president (who will likely, soon enough, be president) who thinks electroshock and brainwashing should be imposed on LGBTQ people, who thinks someone’s belief in mythical jesus trumps LGBTQ rights to employment, housing, a vice-president who jailed a woman who miscarried a child, a vice-president who thinks what goes on in a woman’s vagina is his business to legislate —

CLICK HERE: READ THIS LINK ABOUT THE MOOD IN MIDDLE AMERICA – this is ridiculously terrifying — and NOT ok

NONE OF THIS IS OK — and it terrifies me anyone can stand by rather than stand up.

It is NOT going to be ok. We must stand up EVERY DAY and demand a recount, demand an accounting for the conflicts of interest, demand that equality NOT be decimated, demand that neo-nazi white supremacists not be cabinet members or supreme court judges, demand the environment continue to be protected, demand reproductive rights be protected. demand that no registry of any religious/ethnic group be allowed, demand that this defrauding clown NOT be inaugurated, but, rather, incarcerated for collusion with foreign governments to steal an election — and Comey of the FBI ought also be prosecuted.

This is NOT ok, my friends. NOT OK. And you should be afraid, NOW, not later. Because this is how it starts, becoming little by little, piece by piece inured to atrocities until your friends are made illegal, their rights denied them, your humanity compromised by the complicity of your having sat by while the groundwork for this outrage and crime against love and light and decency was put in place.

NOT OK. Not now, not ever.