Hillary ClintonI was given the gift of a choice: I could have been somewhere other than home these next few days, could have been visiting a loved city, having a unique, once in a lifetime kind of adventure.

I’m staying home.

I voted early, so my civic responsibility has been met. I am, of course, with her.

The choice is about a need for comfort and safety in a time fraught with divisive and threatening energy and rhetoric that has left me emotionally scarred, cowering, bruised enough to remove myself from a place I love — Twitter — and averting my eyes, ears, heart from the world around me as much as I can because the choices nearly half this country is making are inconceivable to me, feel like attacks and bullying and hate directed personally at me and those I love.

A major political party which has long whispered hate campaigns in code, during this election has revealed its true colors (or, more-like, hatred of colors and rainbows of choice, so to speak) by nominating a candidate who has given legitimacy to extremist groups of racists, misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes, religionist-nut-jobs, and fringe-violent fanatics. The republican party’s sexual predator of a nominee — along with those shameful republican party members who have refused to disavow him by remaining members of the party  — have given validation to those white supremacists and hate-mongering lunatics who populate his rallies and who proudly wear their white hoods and confederate flags and promise to “make America great again” which means to them, apparently, white and heterosexual and male and safe for rapists and bullies and lynch-mobs.

It is disgusting. It is appalling. It is unbelievable. It is terrifying. And it is inexcusable. Anyone — and I mean anyone, Paul Ryan and the republican party and its members and major news media and people with bumper stickers and yard signs — who has NOT disavowed this man and his hate-talk and the party who gave him a platform through its decades of whisper-hate and coded-bigotry is culpable and guilty of fascist sin.

All those anyones are responsible for the next LGBTQ kid who kills themself in fear. The next victim of a hate-crime based on religion, race, sexuality, gender, so-called otherness of any kind. And, worse, some of those anyones would celebrate those crimes, want a world in which those others than themselves are in danger for that otherness.

Those anyones who have stayed in the republican party are as despicable to me as those who stayed in the catholic church (or any church) that continues institutionally to propagate lies of homophobic and sexist inferiority, encouraging the mistreatment and death of LGBTQ people. When so-called good people continue by membership to validate bad institutions which support, advocate, and preach hate, dis-inclusion, and bigotry, then they lose their good-people card.

There is no justification for voting for that man. There is no justification for defending institutions which would nominate him or others like him.

It is a choice. And that half this country would make it, would try to justify it, would fail to examine their own culpability in the hate it validates, is terrifying to me.

And my choice is to vote against it, to vote for love, and then to stay home, to bunker in, near loved ones who need me with them should the worst happen.

My choice, your choice. I hope, if you are reading this, you choose love. Because, make no mistake, this election is about the difference between Love and hate.


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