New York: Write Me! (Back soon-ish.)

I apologize for my absence. I will be back, fully(ish) very(ish) soon(ish).

Off train and at diner next to Algonquin April 13

Arrival day. With Duchess Goldblatt at the Red Flame, a diner next to the Algonquin Hotel.

I was in New York from April 13 to April 20. I meant to blog during my trip, but carving something beautiful and precise from the huge, heavy block of emotional and sensation-filled all-of-this-ness New York stirs in me felt beyond my skill-set.

Besides, I was busier than usual living a life.

Too, I stayed at the Algonquin. The pressure! One has an obligation, there is history; if I was going to write while staying there, then my words needed to make story-shapes in the tradition of Dorothy Parker and Lillian Ross, to resonate with rigorously ringing truths and insights and wit. My dears, you know my insecurity issues and the Manhattan energy considerably exacerbated my “they’re going to find me out and vote me off the island” paranoia, even if the only island on which I’ve ever fit was the Island of Lost Toys.

So, how fantastic was it that from the moment I arrived at Penn Station it seemed as if the Universe has conspired and aligned to embrace me anew and fill me with a sense of belonging, being loved, appreciated and seen? I had lots of adventures, took in many shows; She Loves Me, The Father, American Psycho The Musical, Fun Home, Long Day’s Journey Into Night, and Patti LuPone In Concert; I had a delightful birthday dinner at Joe Allen’s, visited St. Patrick’s and Bryant Park and Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Museum, and walked miles and miles, soaking in the unique vibrations of Love and Light, invited the city to permeate me — body and soul — with an understanding between us this was a  No-Strings-Attached, temporary union meant to recharge me, invigorate me, reawaken parts of me long dormant.


So much New York joy.

And the people! I’ve visited with dear ones and met new dear ones and my cold, dead heart has been thawed, too. Turning fif — forty– Having another birthday in Manhattan with old friends, new friends, Twitter pals, well, it has changed things. Changed me.

I am back in Frederick now, still processing, still contemplating, still marveling that during my birthday week I saw Patti LuPone and Jessica Lange during their birthday weeks — in fact, I saw Jessica Lange on the day she turned 67. Patti turned 67 a few days after I saw her. We three legendary, mythical divas had birthdays in one seven-day period of time.

Back in Frederick. And who shows up here? Ted Cruz. Polluting the loving atmosphere in the theatre where I grew up, spreading his vitriol and hate-isms in my home town.

Yes, much to process. Much thinking going on. So, I’ll be back-ish.



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