9 Days

Charlie March 2016It’s been nine days since I’ve done a post: Sorry. I’ll be back soon with a tour through my February reads and some random (surprise, right?) thoughts. I have been busy working on short stories, they are not coalescing as quickly as I’d hoped. Also, my computer is misbehaving. Too, I am deep in contemplation about the level of silence I wish to achieve. With every passing year — well, every passing day, really — there seem to be fewer and fewer things about which I think I ought to (or, need to) comment. Rather, with age comes the realization that we are almost always talking into a void, for the benefit of no one but ourselves;sort of existential selvies. Ha. Speaking of, here I am Friday – two days into the diet. I am determined to lose fifteen by New York trip. I can do it. Later, dear ones. Love and light, as always.

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