Judah lapMy darling Judah, my dear one, my sweet musical theatre pal, he who allowed me to spend the last two Christmas holidays with him, the most unconditionally loving of friends, died this morning. I am honored to have been invited into his family, to have been embraced by Judah and his dear, my dear, a friend like no other, my Andrea. Please send her your love.


Judah helped heal me, taught me I could (and should) allow myself to love a dog again. He adopted me in ways I will never forget and always treasure. He was kind and patient. When I first house-sat, to keep him company, when it was just the two of us, and I suggested we do musicals together — he gave me the look. But he did them. Our Daisy and Violet act from SideShow, it was a marvel.

Judah smile

He looked you right in the eyes, did my Judah. He was honest. He was upfront. He was – as I’ve said – so loving, so unconditionally loving.

And, selfishly, I am going to stay off of Twitter for a bit because there are so many loved dogs and that is a beautiful thing, but losing Judah has pushed my memory buttons, my dear, dear Jordan.

Charlie & Jordan

Jordan, my first dog, was my dearest child, the love of my life, my heart. She died in my arms, within the same six months during which I lost the only man I ever loved, followed two days later by the dear friend I’d had since I was a young teen, and then, my dear aunt, Sissie. Today, my dear, dear Andrea had to call and tell me her dear, my dear, Judah was gone — and too many memories, and life is complicated all the time, and I will of course be fine, but, right now, I need to mourn – and remember, and mourn a bit more, re-mourn, and then, because I am who I am, and Jordan and Judah and Sissie and the others would want it, I will get back to laughing and gratitude for all the love they all gave me — and singing my songs about it.

And, as fate would have it, I travel this Friday to spend a week caring for pups, Nate, Ruby, and Pearl, along with kitty, Fosse, and a turtle, too (forgive me, he’s a long, complicated mythological name I can never remember – and he refuses to do musical theatre with me, so . . . there’s that.) so I will be easing my heart with another group of animals who welcome me into their home.

I will be back soon.

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