Zeitbites Tuesday: Flowers and Candles

Sometimes I choose to remain quiet because I suspect the things I am wanting to say are proof of a confirmation bias I am trying to undo. There is always evidence available to support any worldview you choose; the challenge is to find the Love and Light. I talk about it so much because it is such a challenge for me to consistently do it, live in it, try to find it.

But, I know, on a foundational level, there is always beauty to be found. And if, sometimes, I choose to remain quiet, it is because I need to sit with myself and comfort myself out of my fear, work past my horror, find again the Love and Light in my heart.

Here . . . (with thanks to Her Grace, Duchess Goldblatt, who RT-ed on Twitter.)

I am moving houses today, leaving this set of pets, on my way to another, five different beds in two weeks, with all of my accoutrement and books and belongings, blessed, am I. And sending out what energy I have to those refugees who must move, run, hide, from place to place, and have not the resources and love and support I have.

Today, yes, today, I will be sharing what candles and flowers I have with people who need them.

Love to you all. Light to you all. May the biases I confirm and the evidence and proofs I find be those that validate what is right and loving and light in the universe; may I bring to the world only flowers and candles and make people feel better along my way.

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