Friday Night … no comment

prince harry bulgeWell, very little comment. I like younger men. I like an English accent. I should very much like to make a match that would make me worthy of a visit to Her Grace, The Duchess Goldblatt. So, perfect sense. And, honestly, I’m due a big break. This one to the left (well, his right) seems to be quite big enough.

prince-harry-nude-naked-article-tmz-top-4I’ve had a thing for him since the pool table weekend.

I like a fellow who is not afraid to play along with the commoners. And, honestly, you’d look long and hard (or, with my luck, soft) before finding anyone any more common than am I.

So, Harry … I have nothing to do on this Friday night – in case, you know, you need someone to tuck prince-harry-nude-naked-article-tmz-bottom-8you. In. Or, someone into whom to tuck. You. Tuck me, please? I mean, it looks as if you’ve at least a general notion of how to do some tucking. You did go to English boarding school, right? Those delicious sorts of goings on are still going on, right?

I said no comment, didn’t I? Well, under 250 words IS no comment for me, darlings. And so I shall leave you with one of my favorite fakes of all time.

Ta, darlings.








And, happy weekending.

Dowager Weekend




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