… these masks we wear … these masks we won’t wear …

Cheating, I know, on the daily-post thing – but, the post below is one from almost 2 years ago that is still relevant today – and which my hits tell me was read in the last 24 hours by 3 people, so, HERE YOU GO! Happy Saturday (again) –

here we are going

I just spent 45 minutes working on today’s blog and thanks to WordPress having update issues, it disappeared. Lost in the ether. Sadness. And from the loss and sadness, change. Because what I was going to write about – had – in fact, written – is crowded out by my musings about loss and its requisite sadness and the changes that occur.

University of Portland in Oregon "The Servant of Two Masters" production, directed by Michael O'Neill. Mago Hunt Theatre University of Portland in Oregon “The Servant of Two Masters” production, directed by Michael O’Neill. Mago Hunt Theatre

Last night I went to a delightful updating of a Commedia dell’arte performed by a talented group of high school performers as directed by a dear friend, L. My heart was warmed by the energy, the effort, and, most of all, that my dear L. manages still to have a heart of such abundant Love and Light and Joy that she can continue to teach and make art, and blaze…

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