The New York Trip – what to do?

algonquin charlie46 days from now, I will be in New York.

There was a time in my life – after my aunt, Sissie, died, and before the series of life-saving/life-changing physical and existential moves happened – when I visited New York City each year, alone, for a birthday trip. April. The Algonquin. Me. Walking around the city. Shows every day, two a day if possible. Walking. More walking. Sitting in the Algonquin Lobby (this was before Marriott bought it and updated it – curse them) in the same chairs where – I imagined – Mrs. Parker and her circle had cocktailed.

Well, things changed. I thought I would never be back in that way again. But, mid-October, for a week-ish, from Friday the 16th until I return to Frederick sometime on Thursday the 22nd, I will be in New York City – well, mostly Manhattan, mostly the theatre district – once again. Perhaps my last hurrah.

So, I need to plan. I’m seeing “Therese Raquin”* at matinee on Saturday, October 17 and “Ripcord”** on Tuesday night, October 20. This leaves me Friday, October 16 & Saturday October 17 evening shows. Sunday October 18 matinee and evening, Monday October 19 evening – although I don’t think there are any Monday evening shows I’d want to see, and Wednesday, October 21 afternoon and evening. I could also see a show Thursday, October 22 and take a really, really late train back to Maryland – which is not out of the question – but, now, what to see?

Well, obviously I would love to see HAMILTON, but every date is sold out except for 21st and the available tickets are hundreds of dollars. So, guess not.

FUN HOME, that’s near the top of my list. THE KING AND I, although not the evening of the 17th, since Kelli O’Hara is out that day. I also wouldn’t mind seeing HAND TO GOD. And, too, I think I’d get a kick our of SOMETHING ROTTEN. And I’ve been told CURIOUS INCIDENT is transcendent.

Oh dear. Limited time and funds make this extremely difficult. And, I’d also like to do some visiting with some people – but, I can fit that in around show attendance. I also need to walk. Also need to museum. Also need to weep copious tears while wearing black and a strand of pearls and writing in my journal in the Algonquin lobby – albeit, in a horrid chair with chandeliers that look like anal beads – nonetheless, it is the Algonquin and I will be in NYC and I am about to burst.

I hope I last the 46 days until arrival. Things not looking good this morning.

I’m off. Errands. Mother wants her sheets changed and she wants me to do it. Fun. Home. (Except, I don’t really have a home and I’m not having much fun. I once called a character in a novel Hamilton. What am I talking about? Nothing. My cramps are coming back. So long.)

*I have never read Emile Zola’s “Therese Raquin” so I downloaded it last night that I might before I see the show. Judith Light is in it. Judith Light who I have loved for decades since she was Karen Wolek on “One Life to Live” and who I have NEVER seen in person. Quite thrilled about this.

** “Ripcord” is an actual Broadway opening. I’ve never been to a Broadway opening before. Very excited about this. It is about a “cantankerous woman in an assisted living facility” – a comedy. Well, a comedy about an elderly woman in an assisted living facility – I am SURE I will be laughing while sobbing.

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