I hope I will be writing about today at some length soon. It was a fantastic day when worshippers of Her Grace, Duchess Goldblatt, met at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. and . . . well, worshipped. But, it was so much more than a group of people joined in their love for a fictional person. In her fictional-ness (fiction-ity?), the Duchess is more real than most people populating my “real world” and despite her lack of corporeal form, she has loved me more, given me more love, spread more Love and Light through creation than almost anyone I know. There is a far deeper and wisdom-filled discussion to be had about this, but, not tonight, Geraldine. I am just going to post my pics (not mine, actually, but taken by Pamela and Jamie – 2 people I adore, brought to me by the Duchess) and revel in this joy I am feeling.

One last note: I honestly thought a few years ago, when I had to change my life to save my life and lost so much, so many, and worse, discovered that I had never really had some of who and what it was I thought I lost (again, longer discussion, but not one I’m ever having in public), I believed that for me there would never again be friends, or love, or trust, or joy. I thought my life was a matter of waiting for it to stop.

The Duchess, her joinings, her faith, her words, her friendship, her insistence I not surrender – she has made a miracle for this Miracle Charlie and I can never, ever repay her. Thank you, Your Grace, for all this Love & Light you have brought to me. Goodnight, all!

Ann and Duchess Ann Jamie Charlie Bf & Gf Bowing to the Duchess Charlie & Duchess captured by Pamela captured by Jamie Charlie and Pamela and Ann Charlie Pamela Ann Charlie Ron Ann Pamela 2 Charlie Ron Ann Pamela Duchess and Charlie Duchess and Pamela Duchess and Ron Duchess Ann Pamela Charlie Duchess name tag Duchess Pamela and Charlie Jamie and Duchess Pamela and Charlie and Ann Pamela and Charlie Ron Ann Charlie Security Guard 1 Security Guard 2 Security Guard 3 Security Guard 4 Security Guard 5 Security Guard 6