Just saying . . . SPRING AWAKENING

sa3 sue greeneToday is the anniversary of the opening of the production of “Spring Awakening ” I directed. Long/short: we were the first – THE VERY FIRST – people given permission to do the show post-Broadway. Yes, I was the FIRST person to direct/stage/interpret “Spring Awakening” once the original had closed.

Me. Charlie Smith. In celebration of my dear, departed Steve.stephen a bomango

I had given up directing. Given up theatre. But was lured from that giving up to do the show, and only because it was to raise funds for the scholarship in Steve’s name.

Steve died more than a decade ago. He died two days after another dear one had died, about whose death Steve had to tell me. Six months later, my aunt, Sissie, died. My beautiful dog, Jordan, died.

I wish I’d died. Actually, I pretty much did.

sa5 sue greeneSissie used to say, “I know it seems like the awful people win a lot of the time, but our reward will come in heaven.”

I wish I believed in heaven. But, I don’t.

And the awful people just keep on winning. And winning. And winning some more. And so, once again, about to be homeless. And so, once again, my poor Mom, getting screwed over by life. And so, once again, people pretending this shit isn’t happening or doesn’t matter. And so, once again . . .

And this is why I am on a social media break.

So. Done. With. Losing.SpringAwakening_FINAL_V2

2 thoughts on “Just saying . . . SPRING AWAKENING

  1. “Thank you” and “I love you” are not enough to convey what I feel for you and that production. I wish I could do more than send positive vibes through the ether. Xo

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