Song of the Day(Life):I’m An Unemployed Sweetheart

The things about which I want to write and/or talk would be considered in the categories of either Too Much Information and/or My Problem I Need to Solve Myself.  Once again I seem to have done something — without knowing what it was — to cause someone to distance his/herself from me. Here’s the thing, too, if you spend an early life being trained in loss and not good enough, if you get thrown up against enough lockers, dunked into enough toilets, you start beating yourself up first so as to prevent the pain of others doing it; then, shit, it still happens. Often it’s caused by your own behavior, your own self-denigrating beliefs, you make others weary. It becomes a self-fulfilling, regenerating cycle. I get it. But, I’m not dwelling there. I have other shit to which I need to get . . .  and I’m a bit lonely . . .  and confused by it, so, this . . .

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