Zeitbites Sunday: And another thing … or, rather, that thing I forgot …

I already wrote earlier today [click here] about being sick. Which, I am not. I have a cold. So what? Well, the so of the what follows:

GOODREADS CHOICE AWARDS … neither that GOOD nor MY choices . . .

When I began this morning’s sick chicken blog, I meant to write about the Goodreads Choice Awards. I found them somewhat alarming. [CLICK HERE FOR GOODREADS CHOICE AWARDS AND STATS] For a site ostensibly created for those to whom literature matters, the choices — not to mention the omissions — seem odd. On further exploration of the actual numbers of votes, it all became clear. The three highest-vote getting categories and the only ones in which the winning tome exceeded fifty-thousand votes were 1) Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction, 2) Fantasy, and 3) Romance. In that order. I guess this isn’t my crowd. I guess I should have known that when first I voted and had to write in all my choices. Everything I voted for either came in last or not at all. THE VOTING WAS RIGGED!

THE RECENT ELECTIONS … also not good and also not my choices …

Speaking of rigged voting and write-in choices, I am already beyond fatigued about 2016. The election of a few weeks ago that gave my deep-blue Maryland a Republican, gay-baiting governor and turned the Senate Republican ought to have gobsmacked me into depression. No such thing. I barely care. The older I get, the more they begin to seem irrelevant to me — “they” being those who win elections. It’s too long and complicated a topic to ZeitBite about, and I am no political genius (well, I’ve barely a simple grasp of democracy) but my suspicion is that the real power and the trajectory of the course of modern events is all being controlled by a very few, very powerful, very white, very male people who distract us with poverty, misogyny, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, religious zealotry, war, crime, disease, terrorism, etcetera, whilst they amass ever greater wealth, control, and power. We miss the point, quite literally Twittering away (in my case, anyway) our time.

TWITTERING AWAY MY LIFE … at which I am (if I do say so myself) quite good and HAPPILY choosing to do …

Speaking of which — Twittering, that is — in case you don’t keep up with my feed (and if you don’t, what the HELL is wrong with you?), yesterday at the gym I was at long last in the locker room alone with my long-time gym crush. In the throes of last night’s fever, I Tweeted it:

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