ZeitBites … TooBusyToDoDay

I’ve too much to do today.

My, my opening sentence had a lovely rhythm. Cadence.

But, no. I mustn’t allow distraction. I’ve far too much list of To Do to allow myself my usual circuitous tangents and digressions of autobiographical detail of little interest to anyone but … well, actually, come to think of it, no one at all is interested in my autobiographical details, absence of which interest would — one would think (and be wrong in thinking, obviously — I mean, read on!) would cure me of my ambagious Baroque meanderings of prose.

To Do:

  • I have to find my daily Santa photos. I need something to give me holiday cheer. Not surprised that half-naked men are the key.
  • Santa Colby Keller

    My favorite communist and porn actor, Colby Keller.

  • I promised a review of The Secret Wisdom of the Earth, the ARC of which I finished recently. Have I mentioned how special and fabulous I feel being given ARCs? To be anywhere near the book-world and book-people makes me feel all warm and cozy — like my flannel sheets but with none of the bunched sheeting annoying my ass and keeping me from sleep.
  • My sheets need laundering. Having gotten older, again, somehow, and in the process of aging become increasingly susceptible to CHILL (older, colder, something about adding a C could be funny, but not today, I HAVE TOO MUCH TO DO!) I gave in to the flannel sheet craze. They are warm. But they wrinkly and bunch too easily and require frequent washing and drying to tighten them. I hate a bunch sheet under my ass at night.
  • Mom and Me Oct 2014

    Miss Daffodil

  • I’ve a mother. She must be lunched and blood tested. Yes, observant ones, this is not my regular day, but my dearest sister is feeling ill: Hacking, Wheezing, Coughing, Aches (it is NOT the flu, and I quote her; I had my shot, it can’t be!) and thus, I am driving Miss Daffodil.
  • I want to do my own BEST OF … lists for 2014. Starting with my favorite literary moments in reading and on Twitter. Until I have time, try these:
  • New York Times 100 Notable Books for 2014 [click here]
  • BookRiot Round-Up: the Best Books of 2014 [click here]
  • And I’ve more books to read. A stack. Many from the preceding lists (and many not) and all calling my name.
  • Vicious
  • And, too, well kids, it’s here again. The Mean Reds. And it’s really mean. And it’s really red. So, not going to write about it or dwell. Just going to go. Because, you know, TOO MUCH TO DO.

Love and Light, friends. Love and Light.

bateman xmas



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