ZeitBites: Links and such

I spend such a lot of time reading and exploring the on-line world, wanted to share some really cool stuff with you. And some cool pics. (Oh, and P.S. before the fact – I’ve updated my Links Page — check it out. CLICK HERE)


Williams, Tennessee and Brando, Marlon

Tennessee Williams and Marlon Brando – I’m in love with both of them in so many ways; they are the stuff of my fantasies.


Here is an interview with Elizabeth McCracken — if you know anything about me, you know how much I love and adore Elizabeth McCracken. She’s currently on a Twitter-break, which is horrifying and like losing a friend, but she is on break so she can write more, which is wonderful and like knowing a long-desired present is on the way. So, plus, minus. OTHERPPL ELIZABETH MCCRACKEN INTERVIEW [CLICK HERE]


Angel Wings ripped out

This photo study of wings ripped — in theory — from an angel — started me on yet ANOTHER story this week. I have an angel obsession — despite my lack of belief in them. Oh well, I don’t believe vampires exist either, but still, I love reading about them.


And here’s a great piece from a site I just discovered via a Twitter-friend. The site is called Cafe and this piece is by Deborah Copaken and titled How I Got Rejected From a Job at the Container Store. [click here] It’s incredibly well written. Funny. Touching. Sort of terrifying and has an amazing depth. Really speaks to all the things about which I’ve LONG been talking — the wondering if the cultural norms about what constitutes “success” and “being productive” really make a difference. And, how you can do ALL the things you’re supposed to and still be screwed. Give it a read.


boys jumping

My Mother used to say that cliché, “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you too?” Well, I was a smart-ass and I could not swim, so I always had some smart-ass answer. However, had I had a group of friends who looked like this — damn straight I would have jumped, and relished being saved and mouthed-to-mouthed by any of them.


Here’s another piece that really touched me. Found it on a place called Matter. It’s by Cord Jefferson and is called On Kindness: My mother is sick. [click here]  Really beautiful writing – again. Amazing how much fantastic, interesting, thought-provoking, fabulous stuff is floating around for free. Does ANY art-form other than writing give so freely of itself?


Heart removed

I’ve been removing myself of late because I am feeling too many feelings — everything is just overwhelming me — as a dear one said, “You are a trusting soul, Charles. Often to your detriment. But, trusting indeed.” Yes. I am — despite my pose of cynicism, ever hopeful and trusting and ALWAYS surprised when that hope and trust turns out to have been misplaced. SO, when I saw this photo study of the scarred chest and — I think — eyes gouged out too — it set me on another story idea.


And CLICK HERE for an article from AP via MSN news, a piece about Brittany Maynard. She was in People. She’s the 39 year old who had terminal cancer and decided to end her life, legally, while she was still in reasonable shape, so as not to leave her family and friends with memories of her deterioration. All the usual suspects are arguing about it.



Finally, sad note, Smith’s, where I and my dear ones went on the occasion of my birthday trip to NYC in April, has closed. Victim of another greedy Manhattan landlord. First Marriott screws with the Algonquin, now, this? I miss OLD New York.

Much Love and Light, dears. Love and Light.

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