Special Days

Today was a rough one. But, I did what I could to make it better for everyone I could. I think my Mom was kept as happy as could reasonably be expected. And the Orioles won, which was a HUGE help for her.

Mom and Me Oct 2014

I made her requested menu:

Roast Beef, Fried Zucchini, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Applesauce Cake (for which I first made home-made applesauce).

She was happy. As much of the family as could be here, came here. It was worth three days of prep and cooking to see her smiling.

I need to rest now.

I am exhausted. She’s beautiful, isn’t she? And after losing both her parents before she was sixteen, burying two husbands and ALL of her brothers and sister, multiple miscarriages, and, last year, a daughter, still, she manages to smile and keep going.

My Mommy. I adore her.

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