Zeitbites Wednesday: Imaginary Friends (of Dorothy? Gale and Parker)

So Many Hits . . . so few hitting ON me . . .


Dorothy Parker

Tennessee Williams, 1956

Tennessee Williams

Bowles Jane Solo

Jane Bowles

Funny story. Since my blog readership has been growing I have imagined this virtual Algonquin Round Table group of erudite, mordantly witty, sophisticated folk who can appreciate both my Sebastian and Charlie sides; the low and the high of my dysthymic wanderings, the lust and the literature, the stairs both up and down and all the rooms to which they lead. I wanted to be a sort of Dorothy Parker meets back-alley Tennessee Williams.  (With a soupcon of Jane Bowles and Joan Didion thrown in for spice, the spice being cyanide.)


Joan Didion

Hubris, my man, hubris. Will I never learn?

Recently I tagged a post with “Naked Latin Boys” and “Sex in Gym Locker Rooms” and the hits – as they say – just kept (and keep) on coming. Now, it could be coincidence. The same post was also tagged “Duchess Goldblatt” and “Elizabeth McCracken” and I’d like to believe those to be the reasons I was clicked, but I fear that in this, my virtual Algonquin Round, the same rules apply as in real-corporeal-life where I have NEVER been “clicked” for my LitLove and erudition, but often been quick-clicked and passed over because I was NOT ENOUGH Naked Latin Boy Sex In Gym Locker Room.

Off With His head: NOT MY TeaParty

Speaking of not enough: Eric Cantor, ejected recently even by the TeaParty and long, long ago by people of intelligence and empathy, who is another of the long list of rich white men who pretended to care about “the middle class” while code-word-demonizing all the rest of us who are NOT rich white men as the enemy and the problem, conveniently twisting reality to support his bigotry and hate, is now joining an investment banking firm to the tune of millions of dollars to continue influence peddling for the benefit of rich white men. Read it HERE on Politico.

My Faith: The Friends (of Dorothy[s] Gale & Parker)

And speaking of twisting reality to support bigotry and hate, I was once again told by someone that the bible is the word of god and justifies all their beliefs. Conveniently selective, that – but those arguments have all been made and – well, I am ashamed to say that I very briefly took the bait and explained patiently that the bible was no more the word of god than The Wizard of Oz was the word of a real entity named Dorothy nor any more meant as a guide to behavior than Enough Rope by Dorothy Parker, but there is just no reasoning with people about this. Look, if you can’t respect my faith as a Friend of Dorothy(s), and bow down to NOT disagreeing with everything I and my fellow Friends have constructed as the tenets of our faith, then, why should I listen to you justifying your bigotry and homophobia with verses from your bible?

Garland, Oz

However . . . before I go . . . the daily noise . . .

I joke – not about wanting to be a combination of Dorothy Parker and Tennessee Williams – but I’m actually finding things less funny with every passing day, thus, making an effort to create humor in the midst of all the noise of life. The noise bothering me today is about Sam Smith who was the only thing I enjoyed other than the Beyonce tribute from last month’s MTV VMA Awards. Well, all over the place today hits the story that his beautiful album, The Lonely Hours, was inspired by his unrequited love for a straight man.

  • Ok, well, FIRST OF ALL – love. We use the word to describe such a huge gamut of emotions and behaviors that it has lost all meaning. It has lost all meaning by having so many meanings.
  • SECOND – Mr. Smith has said the fellow “loved me too, but not in that way” – which, to me, means the love was reciprocated to some degree, so, it may have gone unrequited – meaning, no sex – but the love existed, the love operated, the love counted. If, as a culture, we weren’t so fucking hung up on fucking as a defining factor of the quality of love, maybe we wouldn’t be so – uhm – fucked up?

I would posit that culturally we are brainwashed early on to WANT – encouraged to strive for things that are, for most of us, impossible to achieve – Financially, Emotionally – most of us are NOT going to get the riches of the powerful white men ruling the world; most of us are NOT going to have a fairy-tale romance of happily-ever-after; and YET, we are BOMBARDED by images of these things, told they are what we SHOULD want – and so MANY MANY MANY of us WANT WANT WANT exactly who and what we cannot – likely – ever have.

For instance, readers who think I am a combination of Dorothy Parker and Tennessee Williams and still somehow want to have hot Latin Boy sex with me in gym locker rooms. Yes, I am one of the MANY MANY MANY who WANT WANT WANT what I am not – likely – going to have.

So, dear readers, please join me at my virtual Algonquin Round today and let’s all toast to who we REALLY are and what we REALLY have, a toast to authenticity – let’s claim our spaces in these worlds- virtual and real – and make some noise that is beautiful.

Love and Light, friends. Love and Light.

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