And I will (UN)follow . . .

I’ve been experiencing a renewed obsession with all things musical theatre the past few days. Last night I watched a Barbara Cook PBS concert from 1980 and the HBO Six by Sondheim documentary, after which I watched my Grey Gardens bootleg. I was up until five in the morning.

Perhaps I should have slept in later?

After three and a half hours of sleep I rose, did my morning writing and headed to the gym, after which I stopped at the grocery store for dinner ingredients. I was emptying the dishwasher I’d run this morning before I left and then chopping and cooking and cleaning and such from 3:30 until a few minutes ago when, at last, I managed to find enough containers with lids into which to fit all the leftovers (I made five kinds of vegetables plus roasted chicken) and then shoved and juggled and adjusted to manage to fit those into the refrigerator, scrubbed the pots and pans and wooden utensils, loaded the dishwasher, wiped the counters, and generally did the Hazel for four hours.

Kind of tired. Kind of weary. Kind of not in the mood for ignorance (or being ignored – but that’s another story) and so when I opened my Twitter feed and it was once more polluted with posts of a misogynistic, homophobic, racist nature from one young man in particular, a boy who should know better than to post things with derivations of the N word and the F word – a boy who loves to post pictures of boys crying or being kind or dressed in pink and then denigrating them as “womanly” – as if having qualities traditionally feminine is somehow less than, or a hilarious joke. This is a boy who I have repeatedly told how disturbing is his casual homophobia, racism, sexism – and who is either too insensitive or too stupid to understand how ignorant and destructive is his behavior.

It makes me sad because he is better than that. He should be better than that. And I don’t ever understand why these pretty white boys who grew up in such privilege, who grew up beautiful and cared for and supported by lots of people, don’t get why it’s wrong to say “Ni–ah” or “Fa–ot” or call females “Bi—es” or why it’s evidence of a warped sexist culture to think calling Justin Bieber a girl is some sort of insult or showing a picture of a guy crying because he loves his girlfriend should be labeled “pu–y” – I JUST DO NOT GET IT.

And …

I just couldn’t take any more. I un-followed. Which then actually struck me funny because as I did I started singing my own new version of Jason Robert Brown’s And I Will Follow – as sung by Lauren Kennedy, which I have been WAILING in my car for the past few days. So there, once again, musicals make me smile.

I’ll take it.



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