… Libertytown: The Novel … an excerpt …

I have a lot going on today . . . being Uncle Charlie, the effort of which has started the roil of my mind around a “MY THREE SONS” – Fred MacMurray but really William Demarest- themed – crusty but kind hearted kind of — wait — here’s the thing — read this piece of my novel, originally posted in 2013 . . . happy Sunday.

here we are going

I cannot write anything new today. I spent – almost literally – all day long chopping and slicing and not thinking not thinking not thinking – making a Sunday Sauce; an Italian tomato based sauce which starts with multiple vegetables and meats and requires all day attention for its more than thirty ingredients and as I was in line at the grocery store for the last few ingredients I received a text that last night, the most horrible night I have had in years, a night when I was out on the street, on my cellphone, four glasses of wine to the wind, sobbing about something(s) from ten years ago which STILL feel like yesterday; that same night, someone else I know chose to end their life. And so, no, I can’t write. But I am compelled to share part of LIBERTYTOWN: THE NOVEL, which was born of that night…

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