Home again … well, not MY home exactly …

house sit july 2014 4It truly is beautiful up here (over here?) in Knoxville. I’ve spent much quality time just looking out the window. I sat outside for a bit but the place is apparently Manhattan for gnats so my outdoorsy-ness was short-lived.

This feels way out in the country, but, it’s really only fifteen minutes from Frederick – which some would call country enough but it’s the second largest city in Maryland – however, in many ways, this is an entirely different world. All of the houses ensconced in this enclave have at least two car garages, some have three and four car garages, and a few have entirely separate multi-vehicle garages. All of the homes have large, paved drives and parking areas, and there are many big-wheeled trucks – all made in America – and equipment-y type vehicles and trailers and such. It’s got that Nascar, conservative, NRA sort of vibe – a little bit scary, actually.

Still, relaxing and removed. Each day I wake between six and six-thirty and descend to kick the Keurig into gear and stroll with Judah for his morning relief. After that, it’s a few hours of webtrolling, followed by (interspersed with) writing. Shower. Gym. I leave here around 12:30 and get back between 2:30 and 3:30, dependent upon my staying power at gym and whether or not I stop at grocery store on the way home.

Today, I left the front door unlocked in case the landscaper – who I and the owner know – showed up to do what he began yesterday. He’d said he’d be here “with the sun” and hoped he wouldn’t wake me. I assured him he wouldn’t. But, as of noon, he’d not arrived, so I am not sure to which sun he was referring. In any event, when I returned, although clearly the landscaper had not been here – nothing was done outside – the front door was locked.

I didn’t panic. There is a tenant who rents a separate portion of the house and shares the kitchen. A young tenant. A tenant who I know peripherally, and with whom I have had occasion to talk this week when they briefly stopped by to check for a U.P.S. package for which overnight shipping had been paid and which did not come for three days. It was clear that it had, indeed, been the tenant who had stopped in. How did I know? Only someone young, used to being cared for and cosseted by others would think to come into a home where they are renting and

House sit July 2014 2

leave a cupboard door open, a tea towel thrown across the counter, and their dirty glass in the sink?

House sit July 2014 1

WHO DOES THAT? Especially when you KNOW someone OTHER THAN THE OWNER is housesitting? What makes you think I should pick up after you? Flabbergasted once again by people.

It doesn’t bother me IN THE LEAST. I clean up after people all the time, always have, assume I always will and I am okay with it. But, that doesn’t mean I get it. I could pour myself a glass of wine and get into the HUMONGENORGEMOUS tub in the master suite . . . but I’m not really a bath person.

House sit July 2014 3

I happened to stop at the store on the way home for some of the aforementioned Keurig cups — and, along the way, got myself 3 snickerdoodles. I will have those while I read.

Life is good. Happy weekending.





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