Sadness, Echo and Melancholy

Oh my, I am not one of those who jumps on the “celebrity death” bandwagon. I find the roaring and mourning that goes on to be distasteful and, mostly, ill-bred. Far too often the weep and wail comes from someone who is more attached to the cult of death industry this society has grown rather than any real emotional connection to the person who has died.

But I did love me some Elaine Stritch.

Stritch, Elaine

Stephen Sondheim and Elaine Stritch

Stephen Sondheim and Elaine Stritch


She’s a legend and everyone will be writing about their personal memories; and, all the stories surrounding her. None of which are my business. My business is that she had gumption, guts, and sold a song and a character like nobody’s business; and she was one of the stars both my aunt and I loved. So, this FEELS personal for me.

But, like I said, hate the whole jump on the death train thing people do.

In fact, I’m not a fan of death culture in general. I don’t think funerals are the least bit civilized and the level of hypocrisy that occurs when someone dies is – all too often – staggering. I have left instructions that when I die my body is to be donated to the University of Maryland and there is to be no service whatsoever. None. Nothing. Love people and let it be known when they are alive. Too late when they’re dead.

Thank you, Miss Stritch for all you gave me. Wish I’d had a chance to tell you in person.

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