NO! NO! NO! My laptop has died . . .

Oh no, this is a horrible day . . . my beloved Toshiba laptop has died. The screen has gone dark. It won’t come back. I tried hooking up this desk top monitor to the laptop, but it says there is no signal coming. Oh no. NO. I have so much stuff on that laptop. And my Firefox/Mozilla list of sites and such … and … I really think this may be the last straw.

I can’t afford a new laptop. And this desktop is so old that Windows tells me every time I turn it on — which is rarer and rarer because I am never home for one thing and I am so used to writing on my laptop now for the other – but, this laptop’s operating system is no longer supported by Windows.

I am so unhappy. So. Un. Hap. Py. I keep waiting fifteen minutes and turning my laptop back on and just hoping for some miracle –

Goodbye cruel world. I am done.


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