You Should Be Loved … SIDESHOW returns …

In less than 24 hours I will be sitting in the Eisenhower Theatre at the Kennedy Center watching the newly revised SIDESHOW.

I have already started weeping.

I never got to see the original Broadway production. I tried, I was close, but I was involved in another production at the time and didn’t have the support to get away, even for a day, either on a professional or personal level, despite the fact the show meant the world to me. The Original Broadway Cast Recording was (and remains) one of my favorite scores.

I cannot imagine anyone equaling Alice Ripley as Violet and Emily Skinner as Daisy.


However, Erin Davie and Emily Padgett have been getting good reviews.

Sideshow 2

I go with an open mind and heart. I know lots of changes have been made. I made lots of changes when I did the show. My dear Alison (who will be with me tomorrow) and I had to deal with a lot of shit during the production. I should have canceled it. I should have seen the writing on the wall and quit teaching, producing, and directing then. It would have saved me a world of heartache, personal sacrifice and pain, later betrayals, financial ruin, and many wasted years. Alas.

Like the original, real and true conjoined Hiltons —

sideshow 3

– I was caught up in a dangerous Freak Show all my own, and could not separate myself from the parts of me that I ought to have — and by the time I discovered I could, the damage was long past done and too severe for repair.

When I finally removed the parts of me that were weighing me down, so long had the merge been part of me, some vital organs had been vampired dry, the life and will sucked out of me.

Yeah, seeing Sideshow might be tough.


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