… home again, home again … and a clarification …

My house/pet sitting engagement unexpectedly ended two days early. I now have seven nights in my own bed before I begin a five-week stretch of house/pet sitting gigs stretching into August.

I want to make something clear; while I do not think it necessary (or, even, helpful) to belong to an organized religion nor believe in a great power to be a moral and decent person, and while I am NOT a fan of organized religion generally, the person who loved me most in all the world was a practicing Catholic, and some of my very dearest friends are intimately involved in organized religions. These are good people. And, yes, I am aware that there are many good people who find comfort and compass in various faiths, who use the platform and foundation of their faith as a guide and a gift rather than a bludgeon and tool of judgement and control. And, while I don’t believe in a god, don’t believe in the need for the gathering and the ceremonies and all of the other things that go with it, and distrust the typically patriarchal/male privilege construct and fear mongering of most religions, I know that many good people feel differently than do I, and as long as they live their faith like my aunt did, like my dear friends do, in a loving, nurturing way that doesn’t devalue others for NOT doing so, then I honor their right to believe and behave in whatever way they choose, and, even, in some cases, I admire their commitment to their personal truth and cause.

I know my anger and outrage at the things people do in the name of their god-beliefs make me sound strident and intolerant, and, when it comes to bigotry and using god as an excuse to discriminate and deny humanity, I am angry and strident and loud and abrasive.

july 4 1

july 4 2

GIF don't wanna make friends

I apologize if I have offended. Now, I am going to enjoy my own bed and bedroom for a few hours. Much love.

Charlie. Going.

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