The Inquisition by the New Crusaders (alas, not a single by a boy band)

inquisition-wheelThe SCOTUS Hobby-Lobby ruling is just one more sign of the new Inquisition. It is only a matter of time, my friends, before all of us — we heretics — are being stretched on a torture wheel and forced to swear loyalty to whatever god the religionist-christer-right-wing-nuts end up deifying this time around.

Beware, people. Beware. The religionists are relentless in their determination to make the United States a “Christian nation”, to do away with what little separation of church and state there is left, and to impose their mythology on one and all. We malcontent transgressors and miscreants who refuse to give a knee and proper reverence to the new-right-wingnuts apotheosized appointees of the faith will be relegated to what amounts to leper colonies for sinners.

You think Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham and Rick Perry and Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman are bad? You haven’t seen anything yet. They are distractions from both the more insidious stealth-god-warriors and the real, REAL haters and lunatics like Brian Brown of NOM and Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality and, too, organizations like the Family Research Council, not to mention groups of evangelical christians and roman catholics actually preaching against separation of church and state, firmly convinced that god’s will is for them to lead a new crusade to purge the world of their idea of sin and the influence of non-believers.

We all know how those last crusades played out, right? Look at a few of their writings propagandizing and spreading fear and hate among their many, MANY followers:

These are not even CLOSE to the extreme examples.

inquisition 2There is no arguing or reasoning with people who continue to cite as “truth” a fairy tale compilation first “written” thousands of years ago in a language now dead and lost, and which has been consistently and purposefully re-written and re-shaped, edited and reconstituted for political purposes, as a controlling bludgeon for centuries.

People who know me have LONG said – or hinted – that I make too big a deal of this sort of thing, that the majority of people are not crazy. Perhaps. But it doesn’t really require a majority of crazy people to make the world crazy, it requires a cabal of zealots who manage to make their insanity marketable, manage to make their outrageous bigotry and hatred seem, somehow, sane and reasonable — and the next thing you have is a majority on the Supreme Court appointed by Republican politicians who thought that in order to construct a thriving economy and free market, they could put up with some religious folderol that wouldn’t amount to much.

Wrong. Which I have said — NO, SCREAMED — from the get go. I warned EVERYONE who voted for George W or Mitt — I TOLD YOU SO. Now, look. They’re coming for us. I’ve been saying it all along. And you can see in the divisions now becoming clear in the Republican party between the Cheney-cabal people who meant to re-shape the economy and get themselves richer by manipulating the huddled, ignorant masses using social issues and those now un-huddled, still ignorant, hateful, bigoted masses those Cheney-cabal-ers created, rising up all tea-party-Frankenstein-esque to take over the party.

It’s the butterfly effect people.Your vote for a seemingly harmless person who says a few anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-freedom of speech, live by the bible-esque bullshit lines now and again is MORPHING INTO INDOCTRINATION CAMPS FOR WE INFIDELS!

inquisition rat torture

I’m still SCREAMING and some of you STILL are not listening. Perhaps when the haters take over and shove their god down your throat because you aren’t catechized enough, and you, too, find yourself nailed to a Wyoming fence because of how you love or believe — then you’ll listen.

And it will be too late. The new crusaders have begun — they are organized, they thrive on hate and dis-inclusion, and this week’s SCOTUS Hobby-Lobby decision is just the beginning of the end of freedom. Mark my words.

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