On Shaky Ground … but my civic duty is done …

I honestly think it is life, itself, making me dizzy. Or, maybe I am just standing on shaky ground? Hmmm . . . .

The symptoms of the vertigo have receded somewhat. Well, as long as I stay in one position, don’t turn my head too quickly, don’t go from seated to standing or prone to seated, then, I am relatively fine. Mostly. So, though I probably ought not to have done so, I got in my car and drove into town.

I had to.

voteHere’s the thing; today was Primary Election Voting Day in Maryland. I feel as if I must vote. It matters to me what happens in government. I have opinions. The very least one must do is exercise one’s franchise if one is going to have anything to say at all. So, I did. It was made especially clear to me just how important this is because this house where I am staying is home to registered Republicans, and the robo-calls that have been coming in and playing on the answering machine have been horrifying in their appeal to hate, to fear, to prejudice, and to all of the basest of mongerings. I can’t — in good conscience — NOT do everything within my power to make sure none of the people paying for these “save the traditional family from the immoral Democrats” calls ever get elected.

Here’s another thing; skipping Monday at the gym resulted in me gaining two ounces. I cannot have that. I have worked way too hard to lose this weight, put in way too much gym time, and I still have twenty more pounds to go. No way am I letting it sneak back on. So, I HAD to go to the gym.

I was fine while driving. I was not so fine getting out of the car. It required some holding on and pausing before walking. But, then, mostly fine. I did the elliptical at the gym. For an hour. Holding on. Fine. Until I got off. Not so fine. But, again, just needed to hold on and hold still and adjust. The moment I stepped into the sauna, however, it was all over — the heat knocked me into an absolute drunken swirl and I exited immediately. Fine in the shower. Fine in the car. Fine in the school/voting booth — after adjusting to getting out of the car. Fine until I got home, at which point I was feeling extremely exhausted and hit the couch for a while. As in, eyes closed — although propped up. I can’t really be flat at the moment.

So, shaky ground, maybe. Probably. But whether it’s the earth moving or my brain mis-firing, there’s this danger of falling, which I am avoiding because . . . I am Charlie and I am always fine. Right?


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