Epic Impact Day … What Can I Do?

So, I sent out this email today:

Epic2Dear Friends;

Today has been designated EPIC IMPACT DAY by The Ride To Conquer Cancer organizers. The EPIC in the day is that they’ve asked each of us to really REALLY REALLY try to get at least one donation today.

I’m REALLY trying. The organizers have suggested we share our personal stories having to do with cancer; and so, I could tell you about the influence on my life the man after whom this team is named, Marv Perry, had. Or I could tell you about how the loss of some others to cancer, or the way cancer changed the life of some survivors, all have affected me-

But I won’t. This is about . . .  wait for it . . . ME. Having lost quite a few people in quite a few ways in the last few years has made me question everything; made me look at everything and really REALLY REALLY examine why I do what I do, what it all means, and what is worth doing and caring about.

Well, after DECADES of thinking I had all the answers and all the insights, I have realized that I have none. At. All. Not when it comes to loss and how to respond, how to stay strong, how to react, how to SURVIVE when it happens to you — so when this invitation to this opportunity came along to help in some small way to maybe make it better for someone else and make myself healthier in the process and perhaps — just perhaps in doing so — lengthen my life and give the people who will feel sorrow at my loss a few more days of me — I took it.

I am trying to make an impact. Not, I know, an epic one — just my own small contribution to making the world a little better, to paying back for all the love and support I received from those I’ve lost — to cancer, to other illnesses, and to time and to hubris and to anger and … well, you get it.

I’d really appreciate anything you can give today. Because I know, many of you, too, have been through the EPIC yourselves.

Much love and thanks for reading —

It says pretty much everything I needed to say. Life is incredibly hard, I think, and gets harder all the time. I am having a very hard time right now, but as my dear Duchess Goldblatt said to me;

When you have no one to put their arms around you, you must put your arms around yourself.

The Duchess is a great comfort to me, though we have met only virtually, through Twitter. But she is kind, loving, and worries when I post my blues. Which sometimes — certainly not always — makes me think twice before doing so. Twice, because I know there is someone out there who cares, someone I have never even met — and that’s why I am doing this ride; to be a light, a someone who cares for someone who hasn’t ever met me.

If you’d like to help, you can do so by clicking HERE on my PLEDGE PAGE! Thank you, Charlie


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