Get it.

I love Barbara Walsh. I love Falsettos. I never got to direct it. Or, see it. But I did see Ms. Walsh in Company. The one starring Raul Esparza. She played Joanne and she was fantastic. The entire production was fantastic. Life changing. Ms. Walsh and Mr. Esparza were revelatory. I am not kidding. Look.

I saw this on one of my birthday trips to New York. I took them a lifetime ago. I had made a promise to my aunt, Sissie, that I would go to the Algonquin on my birthday. That I would not wait, as she had, and never make it. She died. I went. When I could. Now I can’t. Now the Marriott has bought the Algonquin and it looks like hell. But then, when I went, it was still beautiful and I was fucking miserable. But, I promised I wouldn’t tell that story . . .  anyway, so, that year, I saw Ms. Walsh in Company, and the next night I went to see some show — the name of which I now cannot recall — but it was a ridiculously rainy Sunday night and who sat next to me? Yep, Ms. Walsh. We started talking and it turned out she went to Montgomery College, here in Maryland, to which I had a number of connections, and  — well, it seemed some sort of sign — and then, when I went home, I found out that Ms. Walsh had gone to college with and known the mother of my best friend at the time, who, now, sadly, I have not spoken to in years, well, again, a story that must not be told by me, just believe whatever version you like —

— my god, my heart has been broken a million times … there are so many things I keep not facing … so many stories I keep not telling … so many lies I don’t correct … so many YouTube clips we should all be watching instead ….

… it’s very difficult to keep the line between the past and the present … do you know what I mean?

I was here … fifth row .. for the last performance … it was my sixth time at the show. I loved it so much. I could live in that audience FOREVER. My very favorite Broadway musical ever.