Return Slowly to the Seated Position … SPIN CLASS HELL … and CANTOR LOSES …


Those of you with only even the most exiguous knowledge of my life history be warned; Sit Down Before Reading This. You’re in for a shock. I’d join you but I can’t bend my legs because last night I took my first spin class.

What fresh hell is this?

What fresh hell is this?

Again, those of you who know me — even a LITTLE — understand why and with what fervency I avoid any situation in which a room is full of people moving in time to musical accompaniment while following in fearful, sheepish  obeisance the shouted orders commands dictates ultimatums threats belittlements imprecations encouragements of an instructor. So, when dear S (who has gotten me into SO MANY fine messes of late) suggested I take this class with her, WHY DID I SAY YES?

I. Never. Learn.

This biking thing is getting out of hand. Speaking of which and on a brighter note, this morning when I woke, absent was the head to toe aching and stiffness I had expected from last night’s biking exertions. My ONLY pain is what feels like a strain in my left wrist, some burning, stinging, stabbing sensation when I move it. Oh, and the fact that somehow I gained ANOTHER FREAKING FOURTEEN OUNCES – how in the world do I weigh MORE at then end of this week than I did at the beginning? I HAVEN’T HAD ONE GLASS OF WINE AND I HAVE BEEN WORKING OUT LIKE A MADMAN!

On a more positive note, however, I did a really GREEN thing on my way to my torturous workout yesterday and bought two re-useable, BPA-free water bottles in my effort to stop consuming throwaway items that max out the landfills, waste money, and stink of ugly disregard for the planet. Baby step, I know, and please, before you think I am crowing about such a tiny effort (and forgetting to check my privilege that I even have all these options and am blessed with safe, potable water unlike approximately 800 million people on this planet — GET INVOLVED AND HELP WITH WATER.ORG – CLICK HERE) I confess my hypocrisy: I BOUGHT THE BOTTLES AT WAL-MART. No excuse, I know, but yesterday was a “My Momma” day, and she wanted to go and while away an hour perusing clothing made by indentured child-slaves in deadly-circumstances in Bangladesh. So, I bought a water bottle. Well, two.

Shun me. Go ahead. You’d HARDLY be the first — even this week. While I’ve somehow managed to gain almost two pounds, I have lost three Twitter followers since Monday.


From website THE MODERATE VOICE and its guest cartoonist, Mike Peters. CLICK ON PIC TO VISIT.

From website THE MODERATE VOICE and its guest cartoonist, Mike Peters. CLICK ON PIC TO VISIT.

Speaking of losing followers … my long-standing opinion that the elitists who run the Republican Party — by which I mean Messrs Cheney and Limbaugh and such — are a pack of rabidly-money-hungry-misogynistic-soul-less hypocrites who use social issues about which they care ALMOST NOT AT ALL to bait less calculating, semi-to-full-on racist, totally fearful, usually white and usually middle class to poor people into voting AGAINST their own economic (and ultimately, human) interests — is apparently being recognized by those very people those Elitist Republican Operatives have long been cultivating as drones. The drones have now begun to protest, and the result is the Tea Party Nut-Jobs these elitists created with their hate speech and coded-manipulations are now turning on their creators. It is both satisfying and terrifying; satisfying to see folks like Cantor and Cheney and Rove panicking, and terrifying that the nut-job-tea-party-hate-mongers are managing to win primaries. However, I have some little hope left in humankind and can’t help but feel that eventually and ultimately people who wish to abrogate the rights of others and force their backward and bigoted religious and cultural dictates on others will fail.


For a far better exegesis of this situation, see Paul Krugman in the New York Times, CLICK HERE.


People, please stop using the word “acquire” when you mean “achieve” — I’ve been reading Trainer Bios on-line and although I cannot afford any of them, I disqualify those who say, “I aim to help people acquire their goals.” Ugh. Just because they acquire goals doesn’t mean they achieve them. I wonder if I could charge $80 an hour to coach people to speak with more clarity and eloquence?


Unless I include at least one pic a day of a man at least half-naked, my hits go down — that sentence should be funnier but I am not in the mood to work an erection joke in — or work an erection — or a joke — which in my case, all too often — NEVER MIND! STOP RIGHT THERE!  Just look at the pics. I’m a curator of webfinds. This is my exhibit.

June 13, 2014 2 June 13, 2014 3 June 13, 2014 4 june 13, 2014 5 june 13, 2014 6 june 13, 2014 7 june 13, 2014 8 June 13, 2014

AND FINALLY … of course … MORE ABOUT ME … (well, and a REALLY good friend) …

scarlet letterAnd so I must to the gym … endurance today, an hour on the elliptical and then some ab and shoulder and chest work … I will be giving my quads a rest. Then, off to a quiet location to read my friend, Mary McCarthy’s, soon to be released novel, THE SCARLET LETTER SOCIETY,  — of which I’ve an advance copy. YAY, MARY! And YAY ME feeling all uber-important to get an early copy!!!

More on this soon — but, until then, check her out here at Polis Books website [CLICK HERE!] SO EXCITED FOR HER!



One thought on “Return Slowly to the Seated Position … SPIN CLASS HELL … and CANTOR LOSES …

  1. Can’t wait to read your review!!! (And I can’t wait for release date June 26- though only if people like it, not if they hate it because then ewwww bad reviews, no sales, frowny face). I’m hoping people are distracted from the mediocre writing by the hot sex! #fictionstrategy

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