I love Hillary Clinton. I’ll be buying at least one copy of her book today.


I am also very, very fond of President Obama. He will go down in history as the President who first openly grew to support equality for the BGLQT community. How AMAZING that after the broadcast of The Normal Heart, a television film by Ryan Murphy of Larry Kramer’s play about the early years of the AIDS crisis during which the sitting President — Ronald Reagan — purposefully ignored the tragedy, and continued to vilify the BGLQT community to gain political traction — as many, many Republicans still do today — how amazing that this president, President Obama, called Mr. Murphy to congratulate him and say how moved he had been by the presentation [CLICK HERE FOR STORY]. Yes, we can. And, we did. Thank you President Obama.

I am overjoyed at the prospect of President Hillary Clinton for eight years, followed by President Michelle Obama for the next eight after having successfully served as Senator from Illinois, followed by President Chelsea Clinton for the next eight, followed by Malia Obama and then Sasha Obama for the next sixteen, which will give us 40 uninterrupted years of Female Democrat leadership; that just MIGHT be enough to undo the damage done by the Republicans — and I mean Reagan, the Bushes, and the current crop of Senators and Congresspeople and Supreme Court Justices and all the Tea Party shenanigans they have enabled.

Luckily, there are enough people like me to continue making certain that progress happens, that human rights are not just protected, but grown, and that people are put ahead of profit. But it’s a struggle.

Hillary 2

Click the pic to visit READY FOR HILLARY website

Here is the link to the READY FOR HILLARY pac [CLICK IT]. Add your name. Join now.

(Note: My blog is my platform to say what I like, as is yours — if you have one — to say what you like. I don’t approve comments that tell me not to speak my truths and my mind, nor do I go to other blogs and ask that they not write what they write. I have friends who voted for Mitt Romney; in fact, I have friends who approve of Sarah Palin; they don’t ask me not to say what I say, think what I think, write what I write; nor do I ask that of them; nor should anyone ask it of anyone. Thanks.)

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