#2ndSundayInJune … 2014 part three (and final?)

So, lots of folks are as unhappy with the 2014 Tony Awards as am I [CLICK HERE TO READ]. Good. I mean, not good that people are upset, but, rather, good that my sense of something being amiss and awry is shared by a lot of people — this isn’t just my personal prejudices and preferences and plotlines dictating my dissatisfaction. Or, perhaps, for once, I share prejudices, preferences, and plotlines with a lot of other folk instead of my usual status of being about to be kicked off the island.

Speaking of which, today I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in quite a while. I am happy to be living a mostly solitary life now, and the past is the past, the lives I had before are over and I’ve nothing to say about them or the people who populated those days. So, today, it was nice to meet up with someone I knew from those times who didn’t feel compelled to question me or dig or any of the other things people tend to do.

For example, it was a few weeks ago when I ran into — almost literally — someone from a period in my life no longer in play. I’ll call him Liam. Now, Liam and I were never terribly close, but we had spent some time in the same places with the same people. Never had Liam felt compelled to inquire into my life, nor was he particularly concerned with my well being nor I his. Which is fine. Liam, however, is still in that milieu from which I departed and upon seeing me, he acted as if I were some sort of long lost friend. I said hello. I am well-bred. But then, Liam asked me what had happened and why I was gone. I gave my usual reply, “Things change, life happens.” To me, this clearly says, “Stop asking.” But Liam did what others have done, he started to tell me his version of my story, which, he was quick to point out, was what he had heard from other people. Now, for whatever reason, this version of my story was not very flattering to me, in fact it casts me in an almost criminal light. It is not the first time I have heard it. I always say the same thing.

Absolutely nothing.

Liam did what others have done. “Is that what happened?” I replied, “Liam, if that’s what you believe, that’s what you believe.” He sputtered, “Well, I’m just telling you what I heard and asking you and  –” I said, “No one who knows me would believe that, let alone repeat it, let alone ask me about it. Life isn’t a courtroom. I don’t need to defend myself against slander. It is what it is and people who talk about it are who they are and that’s all good. Good bye.”

And I walked away. Which is why I get kicked off islands. But, you see, if you can think about me or believe about me or make up about me those sorts of stories, why would I want to be on that island? So, when lots of people whose opinions I trust were as bothered by some of the Tony shenanigans as was I, it was just nice to be on an island where I wasn’t about to be sent out to sea.

Happy 2nd Sunday in June, my friends, and my enemies. Whatever stories you bother to tell about me, believe me, as far as I am concerned, they don’t define me and you can’t be any harder on me than I am on myself, so in the end, it is, as they say, All good.

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