The Tony Awards …Bridges of Madison County and Big Fish

Usually, The Tony Awards are one of the highlights of my year. This year, I am a little torn. I honor all the nominees and take nothing from any of them — I worship their dedication and work, but I am horrified by the fact that BIG FISH received no nominations and THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY did not receive a Best Musical nomination and that both have already closed. My trips to both of those musicals were amazing, glorious, emotional roller coasters of great joy and intense feeling. I am further horrified that there is no performance from Bridges scheduled for telecast when it has a Best Score nomination and will likely win that. And if there is ANY justice in the world, Kelli O’Hara will finally win Best Actress in a Musical.  I am NOT dissing Steven Pasquale — and would get all high dudgeon about his not be being nominated, but, confession, I saw his understudy who was MIND-FUCKINGLY-AMAZING as well, so I can only imagine Mr. Pasquale was also brilliant — and I mean, would Laura Benanti, the goddess of musical theatre, have married him if he wasn’t amazing? I think not — now listen:



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