… no words … well, a few …

I love Kenneth Walsh [click here to follow him on Twitter]. He tweeted this today:

My birthday is Sunday and I’m realizing even my fake age is really old.

LOL. Uhm . . . I feel your pain.

I love my friend, Amy B. We met today for coffee. I told her stories I haven’t told and won’t be telling anyone else. She never judges, not even a little. I worship her pretty much. And, she was the FIRST person I know who said, “150 miles on a bike? Charlie, you could do that today. You’d be sore the second day, but you could do it now. Relax.” And she believed it too. She is THE BEST. You should all be so lucky to have such a treasure of a loyal and wonderful and empathetic friend. I am so glad we found one another when we did. After I was done telling her my stories, I couldn’t get this song out of my head:

Embrace who we are. Damn right! Til my chariot arrives . . . swing down, rock me, I got a home on the other side . . .  thank you, Chaka and Rufus.

And, congratulations sir, Principal Pete Cahall of Woodrow Wilson High School —


— on coming out to the school at age 50. Yep, no reason to hide who you are.  CLICK HERE OR ON ABOVE PIC FOR THE STORY.

principal 2 principal

Good for him. Good for the world. Good for all of us. As Chaka said, “I’ve been running long enough to know, there’s no more need to run . . . ”

Okay … that’s less than 300 words, practically a note. So long, Loves.



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