The trouble with tires . . .

I am SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL to everyone who has pledged me so far — the faith and love and support of the dear friends I have means the world to me … I am going to make this 150 miles if it is the last thing I do … MUCH GRATITUDE TO ALL OF YOU!

Healthy. In five days it will be my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of NO SMOKING! And, in many ways, with my regular gym attendance and some attention (not always) to what I eat, I am probably healthier than I have been in decades … so, while my body is holding up under this training for the Ride to Conquer Cancer (CLICK HERE TO SEE MY PLEDGE PAGE AND LEARN ABOUT THE RIDE) — the things I ride and drive are FAIL!!!

If you are a regular reader, you know I have had a GREAT DEAL of trouble in the past few months with car tires, having replaced three now, plus towing charges. Well, today I took my borrowed bike into the shop and, lo and behold, the tires on the bike were dry-rotted. In the process of changing those, the friendly and great folks at The Bicycle Escape discovered that the bike also needed a new chain. In addition to those things, I needed a helmet and they helped me out with that as well.


Quite the look, right? LOL. Well, it is what it is. While I was there, they explained to me why my “borrowed” bike is not the best for the task at hand — as in, it’s a Mountain Bike rather than a Road Bike, and so puts me in a not great body position as I ride. They convinced me to test-ride a road bike, after the riding of which, I was — of course — in love.

bike 2

It is by the manufacturer named Specialized and is the Sirrus Sport Model in the Size Large. Hmph. Large? My legs are SO SHORT for my height, however, that he had a difficult time adjusting the seat as it is somewhat illogical given my 6’1” frame that my legs should be SO DAMN STUBBY — also the reason I have had a life with back issues —

BUT … knock wood … my body has been fine for the past few years and other than a pesky problem with my right elbow — which I have had for a few months and which I blame on years of holding books and oversized coffee mugs — I am feeling REALLY STRONG, even with the training ride from hell through the hills of Lake Linganore on Monday night.

I spent another two hours at the gym today (where I was hit on — things are looking up — wait until I get my biker body!!!!) … an hour of cardio, thirty minutes of core/strength, and thirty minutes in shower/sauna/shower. I have eaten healthily all day. I have cut back to two (albeit two HUGE) cups of coffee a day and NONE after 3pm and I received five more pledges today taking me to over 70% of my goal. LIFE IS GOOD!

HOW LUCKY AM I? Very, I know. Now, I have to save up for the padded shorts (they are like $70 bucks — who the hell knew?) and compression socks (? what ?) and figure out some way to deal with my glasses — the more I sweat, the more they slip, and I can’t NOT wear them — I would be blind, truly, and they don’t fit any clip-ons, so, I may have to see if I can — at least temporarily — go back to contact lenses.

This ride for charity is getting awfully expensive, isn’t it? But, cavils, this ride is giving me a purpose and a goal and an activity with my Deardear Sue, her fantastic daughter, Megan, and my amazing niece, Amy. And I’m loving the challenge.

Now, I wouldn’t be me if something ugly hadn’t happened along the way today to eat into my feeling good about me … but, here’s how the endorphins are working — I’m not going to talk about it here, or to anyone. I’m going to let it go. Well, actually, I can’t exactly do that, it sort of requires dealing with but … the point is …

I’M BUSY RIDING TO CONQUER CANCER … I don’t have time for anyone’s petty stuff and attacks and such … to tomorrow!

Thanks again everyone! And one more time — HERE IS THE LINK TO PLEDGE ME!

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