In Training … HELP ME

This is me on a bike:

rehoboth 2014 BIKE

PLEDGE ME! Click the photo!

… sort of. I am standing CLOSE TO the bike and Pat is holding me up. You can see why I need to be in training for The Ride to Conquer Cancer on September 13 and 14th. I have three and a half months to turn into this:

Olympic Biker, Ben Swift

Olympic Biker, Ben Swift — CLICK HIM TO PLEDGE ME!

As you can see, I will need all the encouragement and help you can give me. You might ask why I am doing this? Well, my deardear Sue asked me to be part of team Perry Peddlers. The team is named for Sue’s father, a wonderful man who lived an exemplary and giving life. He made a great family, the members of which adopted me when I needed a place for holidays and comfort; and prior to his death and my re-shaping of my life, he had supported my theatrical endeavors, sharing his good fortune and his family. He was a wonderful man. He died with cancer.

I never had a real opportunity to thank him, or pay it back — those things Marv Perry gave to me. So, when Sue asked me to do this ride, though I was (and am) terrified of the physical and mental challenge, I said yes.

I have known a number of other wonderful people who died from cancer; and know many, many who lived with it, and are still living with the memories of the lost. So, I’m doing this ride, for them and for me — because, honestly, three months of intense training may not (certainly will NOT) make me look like Ben Swift, but, it will sure make me look better than I do right now — and really, when you’re a single man in your fifties — (well, depending on to whom I am speaking) — you need all the help you can get.

You can help me out by going to my page and making a donation for me — I could REALLY use the help as I am supposed to raise $2500 — which is akin to my annual income as a writer — so, help, please? Even a few dollars, nothing big. Just, you know, whatever you can do.




3 thoughts on “In Training … HELP ME

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