150 miles of THIS I could do … no problem …

Earlier today (and yesterday) I posted about my participation in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, and already today I have TWO donations and am $75 toward my $2500 goal. I have amazing friends.

Here is what I KNOW … I may find it a struggle to BIKE for 150 miles, but if there was a 150 mile VACUUMING and CLEANING event — I would RULE that thing. I am once again house and pet sitting in the bucolic backwoods of Washington County, Maryland. Here was the view out the window this morning:

M30 1

Look closer; it’s a deer!

M30 1 edit

Sweet, right? But, where was I? Oh, cleaning. Yes, so here’s another thing I know, if you have a pet who sheds and you do NOT have a Dyson, you are doomed. I LOVE THIS DYSON.

M30 3

It is the model specially made for pet owners. I actually REFUSE to pet-sit at a home that does NOT have a Dyson or an equivalent vacuum. My morning routine when I house/pet sit is to rise, drink coffee, blog, and then go about some cleaning … and this Dyson has a ROTATING UPHOLSTERY BRUSH — BEST THING EVER!

M30 2

After vacuuming, worked on some pee issues. Not mine, for a change, but Judah’s. He’s suffering separation anxiety which has given him a UTI. But, we had only one event, very minor, most of the time we are together on one or another couch (thus, the upholstery attachment) or he is watching me drink wine and read — I mean — doing sit-ups, crunches, push-ups and squats in training for the bike ride — what Judah DOES not like is when I am cleaning. He looks at me with such disdain, not quite understanding why I would NOT want the place covered in his hair and urine. Sorry, Judah.

M30 4

So, I know this — I am one of the BEST cleaners who ever lived. And — confession — I really like cleaning. Today I decided after vacuuming that I would spot-clean old carpet stains and scrub the downstairs bathroom from baseboards to light-switches. It was really fun. And between tasks, I did crunches and push-ups.

There is a water-rowing-machine upstairs on which I really ought to spend an hour … speaking of training … but I’m not quite feeling it yet. Perhaps if I got another few donations?

Could you? Would you? PLEASE?  Much love to JOSH and JULIE who were my firsts! Gotta love people you met through THEATRE — the poorest and the MOST GENEROUS!

CLICK HERE FOR MY PAGE and get me to my goal people. I’ll put you on the list for the  half-naked selfies I’ll be taking closer to the race — wait – that’s not an incentive, is it?  JUST CLICK ME AND DONATE!

Thank you. P.S. I don’t have a Facebook anymore and I’m not getting one again — but if you wanted to link my donation page on YOUR Facebook — you know, a sort of “CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT LAZY OLD SLUG CHARLIE SMITH IS PUTTING DOWN HIS BOOKS AND LAYING OFF WRITING UNWANTED BOOKS LONG ENOUGH TO DO A 150 MILE RACE” approach — I wouldn’t mind. In fact, I’d take you OFF the half-naked-selfie list if you’d be so kind.

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