… no words … (or, just a few hundred) …

May 30 GIF 5

… baudelaire … begat the poetry of larry kramer …

May 30 GIF 1

… and both wrote of love and death and death and love …

May 30 GIF 2

May 30 GIF 3

… and ryan murphy finally brought kramer’s powerful poetry to the screen …

May 30 GIF 4

… the normal heart … all the stories told … from all that time ago when Miss Midler, the divine Miss M, sang for the boys in the baths when they were learning freedom … for free … as one Divine Miss M sang the lyrics of another divine M, Joni Mitchell …

… i wasn’t there … i was a kid in my room a few years later listening to both Miss M’s albums knowing something secret was being told … i started running so long ago …

May 30 2014 1

… i don’t run any more … except on a treadmill and an elliptical and pedal on a recumbent bike … but maybe it’s time to ride for real … to live for real … maybe it’s time to admit that my eyes have often been closed …

May 30 eyes closed

… maybe if i open them, and start training my body and my soul again — i will have the russell tovey experience … he has a personal trainer now … as if he needed one …

May 30 Russell Tovey Instagram

… i don’t suppose i will ever look much like russell nor have those fantasy dates i imagine that would get me, as in, i’ve never been wanted for the beauty of my soul (my own myth) or my mind (turns out i’m not nearly as smart as i thought i was) … so i suppose the only date i really have to look forward to is with this fellow . . .

May 30 scythe

… and he sure as shit is taking his own sweet damn time … i mean … surely he’ll be introducing me to my own disney-like happily ever after prince charming(less) — right?

May 30 TWO MEN DANCING 1984 Mapplethorpe

… i know … i’m only midway down the midway … but man oh man am i ever slowing down … Miss Raitt sings Miss Mitchell …

Good-night and good-luck.

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