Can I? Should I? Could I?

I have a question and I would like your opinion.

Remember that very deardear friend of whom I spoke in my previous entry? Well, whilst spending those ten beautiful days at her beach house, enjoying her company, her family, her wit and wisdom, there was a DARK SIDE! I was coerced and cajoled and cornered into all sorts of physical activities, including hiking and biking. Look here:

rehoboth 2 2014

In the middle of the FIRST bike ride — about which they lied to me concerning how far we were going. That’s me w/the orange cap and endless frown lines and wrinkles; then, from left, deardear friend’s husband (also a deardear friend) and deardear friend and deardear friend’s brother-in-law.

I am smiling in the picture ONLY because I was mistakenly given to believe (as in, I was LIED TO) that the location where we stopped for this photo was the end of the ride. BUT NO … it was merely the half-way mark of the first half of the thing … and I was on a REALLY old-fashioned bike. No bells. No whistles. No gears. Just me. Pedaling away like a mad man. Really, I was MAD. Furious, even.

And then I did it again a few days later. Well, here’s the thing. Deardear friend and her deardear daughter (who, by the way, tried to KILL me with not just lied about bike-ride distances but also, a STICK — look:) —

rehoboth 3 2014

— are trying to convince me that I ought to sign on for The Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting Johns Hopkins.



It’s a great cause but it’s 150 miles over 2 days … which is daunting enough for someone who has never done any sort of biking at all. I would need to train like crazy between now and September — which, sort of okay with. I want to lose 40 pounds and I want to be fit enough to take pictures I could put on — well — pictures I can display without being repulsed.

But, the 2 day thing requires sleeping in a tent amongst all those other bikers one night. Oh dear. I could MAYBE get through 75 miles one day, but doing it again the NEXT day seems iffy, and doing it again the next day after spending the night in a tent among all those thousands of people seems even iffier, and, uhm, where are the bathrooms and do they have Charmin wipes?

And too, equally daunting, one is expected to raise $2500. Uhm, I know almost no one any more. I don’t know that using Twitter and this blog and my limited — not to say, non-existent — personal charm is EVER going to be enough to raise that kind of money.

But, upside … the stress and my competitive nature would likely result in a heart attack during the process … and if not, once done, I should look better body-wise than I have ever looked — so, what do you think?




2 thoughts on “Can I? Should I? Could I?

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