… too late looked for, too little found …

“There is magic in the man; please find it while you can.”

I don’t particularly want to live in a world where the beauty of this show is not only unappreciated, but almost actively ignored.

And speaking of a world in which I do not want to live; last night on Dancing With The Stars — that awful, hateful dance teacher from that awful, hateful Dance Moms —

— a show which, however put-on, is a microcosm of ALL that is wrong in the world of pretending to train young people for a career in the arts — a pursuit which should ALWAYSbe grounded in a desire to give those young people (and their families) a place to discover who they are, to explore who they might and could be, in a safe, encouraging and loving environment BUT, where, all too often, there is an atmosphere of Ego and Domination and near-pathological need to control others in a cult-like atmosphere of self-reverential, Bob Jones-like “you must drink the Kool-Aid” sort of psychosis —

— that awful supposed dance teacher of a woman who should at the very least never be allowed near a child and, perhaps, should be in prison or hell (if only I believed there was a hell, so many people like her who should go there) — it is bad enough she has her own school and show, but also be a guest on Dancing With The Stars? I am glad Maks told her about herself and glad to see Derek applauding him. She is an embarrassment, a beast, an ogre, and she needs to be in therapy, not a classroom.

But, there she is, and people like her all over the world, mean-spirited and delusional, thriving and being followed and listened to. While Big Fish, an affirming, positive, loving show, closes on Broadway far too soon and doesn’t receive one Tony Award nomination.

No, I don’t want to be in this world, because the wrong people keep experiencing triumph while all too often go unheard the beautiful songs being sung by the good guys.


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