I OBJECT(ify): I need a drink

Really long day. I intend to write all about it. But, not now. Too exhausted. I am on my first fifteen minute break since early morning and must soon return to the grill to prepare dinner, so, of course, the only thing to do is slam down an espresso and log on to see what all the more famous, more clever, more connected, more attractive, and heaven knows, far more literate people I stalk follow are up to.

I follow quite a few incredibly dignified and well-bred folk (Duchess Goldblatt, for example – click HERE for her Twitter – although you’ll need to work, in a WELL BRED way, to get her to Twitter) and I also follow quite a few people whose links, clicked, are likely to lead me to naked men making me wish to do some well-breeding, so to speak. Brian Moylan [CLICK HERE FOR HIS TWITTER], for instance, who today caught my attention thusly:

Here are 25 pictures of really hot guys drinking beer. You’re welcome. (via ) nerve.com/love-sex/hot-g

… the clicking of which then resulted in my further investigation — or, as a dear friend of mine said recently when questioned about her ogling of a Zachary Quinto shirtless photo; “I do this for informational purposes only.”  Yes, I needed some information about Elvis Di Fazio’s work [click HERE] and so went to his site for a stroll through “Naked Sausage Sizzle” [click HERE]



Now, I have to go finish dinner for all the people here, all of whom think I am always alone in my rooms reading fine literature/ They would, no doubt,  be appalled that I’ve been ogling naked men and sausages. But there has been some very fine literature indeed made of sausages and men.

So there.

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